Show Popovers to capture email addresses, reduce site abandonment, and display offers

We give you control, with Slot Rules to define exactly who gets to see each Popover and when.

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Slot Rules: Popovers for the Right Shoppers at the Right Time

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

Target form(s) at visitors, depending on their stage in the customer journey. For example:

  • Show an email address capture form to unknown visitors who are leaving (moving the cursor off the top edge of the page).
  • Show a browse or cart abandonment Popoverr to visitors who are leaving after browsing or carting products, with details of the products seen and an offer if they stay. 
  • Show a email address capture form to unknown visitors who have seen three product pages.
  • Show appropriate offers or a survey form to known visitors who purchased recently.

You need to identify more visitors, because identification rate is key to your marketing effectiveness, so you can use channels such as email to market to more potential customers, more often.

Popover SmartBlocks are a proven tactic, but a light touch is essential: wait until visitors have seen what you're offering! You are fishing, not dynamite fishing! If you hit visitors with a Popover form too soon, they are more likely to leave and very unlikely to fill it in.

Fresh Relevance Slot Rules give you all the control you need to maximise marketing effectiveness.

Getting started is easy and quick

Fresh Relevence integrates with forms from any source: built-in or third-party. Just copy the form HTML into one of our SmartBlocks and use Slot Rules to control who sees it and when. 

Or if you prefer, tell us what you want and we'll do everything as a service.

Triggered Messaging System

We are experiencing the highest ROI from our use of Fresh Relevance that we have seen from any new initiative at AlexandAlexa. Nothing that we have implemented worked so impressively and so quickly.

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Jon Grail, Email Marketing Director,

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