See how Email Personalization engages customers with real-time, relevant content

Create engaging content effortlessly to personalize customer experiences.


Real-time content for all marketing emails

Achieve higher click-through rate with personalized, real-time email content and real-time data in your existing marketing platforms whilst making the unique customer experience consistent across all channels.

Fresh Relevance provides a complete range of tools that work with your current email marketing platform to make every email that you send out highly relevant and engaging. Drag and drop your content selections for effortless, personalized marketing emails.

Use real-time, relevant content to personalize emails; presenting customers with preferred products at the best time for sale conversion. Create urgency with countdown timers. Leverage contextual relevance with location based targeting, weather aligned content and much more.

Fresh Relevance captures real-time data from your customers as they browse. It feeds this data into your ESP, bringing you large enterprise segmentation and personalization for an SME budget. 

Automatic Daily Emails

Daily Deals companies such as Groupon have built billion-dollar businesses out of daily emails. Now you can join them, because Fresh Relevance can automate your daily or weekly emails! Each shopper sees recommended products matching their personal taste. More

Real-time product recommendations in any email

Fresh Relevance places real-time product recommendations into your marketing emails, based on e.g. the categories viewed by each customer.

Recommendations can be based on individual shopping behaviour for a personal experience, crowd-sourced data for trending products or product-level content; ideal for cross selling or creating contextual relevance.

Your emails remain current and accurate with open-time formatting, allowing you to change content even after sending. No customer is disappointed because real-time data ensures all recommendations are fresh and accurate.

Julep Triggered Messaging
Countdown Timer Web Email:Countdown Timer Web Email

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are very quick and easy to set up with Fresh Relevance. They are designed to work in emails as well as web pages and can drive urgency in various ways including promoting sales starting and ending, highlighting next day delivery or same day order processing. As always, with Fresh Relevance you are in full creative control.

Web Crop

Would you like to keep your email content in step with your web content? Maybe you would like to create engaging email content but you have limited time. 

Web Crop keeps email content in sync with web content. It captures web content for use in emails in real-time at the point of open. Latest offers or blog posts seamlessly integrate into any email.  

Web Crop fo Email Marketing
Real Time Image Personalisation Marketing

Real-time image personalization

Fresh Relevance Banners provide real-time image personalization and manipulation for web pages and emails. Images can be personalized and swapped in real-time at the point of display and so can be swapped, removed or evolved even after an email has been sent or content has been deployed on a web page. Select any image and personalize with information on an individual web visitor or email recipient.

Geo targeted content

Fresh Relevance knows where your customers are by blending web browsing location information with email open information. The result – a highly accurate indication of where your customers are when they are engaged with your brand. 

Use this to target regional creative, language translations or local store information.


Social Proof

Show the world how popular your products are. Include real-time interaction level information on all products in emails or web pages.

Fresh Relevance leverages the wisdom of the crowd to increase spontaneous purchasing behavior.

Manillo Content Marketing

Real-time data makes your emails personal with no big data challenges

Fresh Relevance feeds real-time transactional and behavioral data directly from your shoppers’ browser sessions into your email service provider (ESP).

You get all the personalization and segmentation benefits of large database integration, with no heavy ‘big data’ work for your ESP and at a fraction of the cost.

Your customers receive the right emailed offers at the right time – based specifically on their own browsing preferences – maximising engagement and increasing your sales.

Drag and drop multiple content options for effortless personalization

Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks and real-time feed options makes email personalization effortless.

Your marketing emails become an extension of your website, social media strategy and offer periods, with content that updates in real-time.

Product feeds are current, your embedded web content updates automatically, customers see your latest tweets and count-down timers are synced live.

Fresh Relevance has enabled us to further this connection through inserting personalized content into our emails, ensuring they are relevant to our members.

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