See how Firehose can export real-time eCommerce behavioral data via FTP

Use with your third-party system: ESP, CRM System,
or Analytics Package such as FastStats.


Enrich any database or analysis suite with huge amounts of real-time data

We support three versions of FTP (standard FTP, sFTP and FTPes): ask your technical support people which you need.

Fresh Relevance exports real-time data onto your FTP server, saving it as CSV data in files named with the current date-time. Signals include products browsed, carted, purchased and abandoned (each including person, product and page data).

There is one record per line item. So for example if a cart containing five products is purchased, there will be five purchase signal records, each for one product. The values which don't change with the line item are repeated on each record. All data is optional and can be mapped to field names of your choice.

You configure your third-party system to load it from there. For details, contact the technical support people responsible for your FTP server and the system that you are integrating with.

(Note: A few ESPs can load this Firehose directly, bypassing FTP. Ask for details.)