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Add personalized recommendations in your product pages and emails, so shoppers have more opportunities to buy

Automatically recommend products that match each shopper's interests and the other categories on the page.


Product recommendations appeal to each shopper in real-time

Put simply, a product recommendation is a grid of products, displayed in real-time, where you choose the layout and set the rules.

For example display top sellers, trending products, or products appealing to the current shopper, that also match the the other content on the current page or email. 

From the moment they arrive on your site, Fresh Relevance tracks every product your customers browse in true real-time - not just Big Data but Immense Data.

This means the Fresh Relevance system knows what's selling right now. It combines that knowledge with your rules, and decides what products to display. 

Fresh Relevance provides a selection of real-time product recommendation templates, which you can tailor to your exact needs and increase ROI immediately:

  • Increase sales by adding product recommendation blocks below the main content of your web pages and emails, so shoppers see more of that what they like.
  • Use product recommendations instead of hard-coded product details to reduce marketing costs. For example if you always want to show "new products" or "today's offers", your page and email content will update automatically in real-time, even after sending.

Getting started is easy and quick

Control the look and feel of all product recommendations, adding copy as appropriate for brand consistency, while each shopper’s experience feels personalized to them individually.

Add product recommendations wherever you like, with the rules you want. For example you could include new products, or those popular right now, or products targetted to appeal to each individual shopper. Naturally you can change the rules at any time, even after an email has been sent.

Copy products recommendations from Fresh Relevance and paste into your pages and email templates. Or if you prefer, tell us what you want and we'll do everything as a service.

Real Time Product Recommendations Marketing

Using personalized recommendations on our website has dramatically improved the shopping experience for our customers.

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Matt Cheevers, Head of Sales and Marketing at Displaysense

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