Segment Builder selects and exports lists

Segment your contacts based on behavior and purchases, export as lists, and import them into other marketing tools for email marketing and Facebook Ads.

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Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

Fresh Relevance collects data about shoppers: what products they look at, what they buy and so on. Read more

Segment Builder lets you drill down into this mass of data and create segments for your bulk marketing. Drag-and-drop to build precision segments for online shoppers based on behavior and purchases. Then import these lists into other marketing tools such as email marketing, Facebook and Google adWords.

Here are just a few examples:

  • You have a new product range for Brand X - Select everyone who has looked at that brand in the last month and use that for your launch email list.
  • Target them with ads using Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, or Google adWords.
  • Also select everyone who has looked at competitor brands for Brand X, but not that brand itself, and use that with a cross-sell launch email and more social ads.
  • You are running a sale - Create different segments for subscribers who have looked at product(s) since the sale started and those who haven't.
  • You want to update your ESP list with details of active users - export a segment of everyone who has viewed or purchased recently and import it into the ESP. 
  • Combine a lot of rules together - For example select people who have looked at Product A, B and C within 7 days - but not bought Product D, E or F within 30.

How to Use Segment Builder

Create new segments yourself

  • Go to Data|Segments and click New Segment.
  • Type a name for your segment and drag-and-drop conditions into it. These have names like Browsed Categories or Purchased Categories.
  • Configure each condition by selecting the categories or product ids to look for.
  • Choose Save and Generate to export the segment data whenever you want to. You can create a lot of segments and edit or use them again and again.
Fresh Relevance System
Fresh Relevance System

Or let us create segments for you.

Contact support and services and say what you would like.

We recommend this if you need a rapid turn-around, or you want complicated segments that check for tens or hundreds of categories or product ids, or if you would be outsourcing the work elsewhere to people who are less familiar with Fresh Relevance.

This is a paid service, but we think it's a bargain.

Then use your segments

For example load them into your ESP, or Facebook.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Target Facebook Adverts to people such as your best customers - and optionally reach a wider audience by targeting other people similar to them. Read more at

  1. In Fresh Relevance, create a segment such as people who have recently bought specific brands and categories of product.
  2. Save and Generate the list.
  3. In Facebook, go to the Audiences tab in Adverts Manager
  4. Choose Create Audience, Custom Audience, Customer List, and load the list.
  5. Optionally create a Lookalike Audience from your Custom Audience, so your adverts reach more people.
  6. Create a Facebook advert using the Adverts Create Tool. 
  7. Choose your Custom Audience and select targeting options.
  8. Set a budget and place your order. Your advert will be served.
Fresh Relevance System
Fresh Relevance System

Twitter Tailored Audiences

Target Twitter Adverts to people such as lapsed customers. Read more at

  1. In Fresh Relevance, create a segment such as former customers who have not bought anything recently. NB your list must match more than 500 people on Twitter.
  2. Save and Generate the list.
  3. In Twitter, go to the audience manager in your Twitter Ads account.
  4. From the audience manager, create a new list audience. Fill out the form and upload your list.
  5. Target the tailored audience in a campaign. Read more and advert copy advice at

Google Customer Match, for adWords, YouTube and Gmail

AdWords Customer Match lets you show ads to people such as lapsed customers. Read more at

  1. In Fresh Relevance, create a segment such as former customers who have not bought anything recently.
  2. Save and Generate the list.
  3. In Google, Upload and save list.
  4. Similar audience targeting based on your Customer Match audience is available for YouTube and Gmail, so your adverts reach more people. Read more at
  5. Add your Customer Match Audience to your Campaign.

Customer Match

Price Drop

Price Drop and Back in Stock

Brands can offer targeted low price offers to customers who were previously interested in those products and encourage them to purchase.

Add value to your marketing with data capturing: target price drop popovers to specific product pages or to specific customer types.

Similarly you target offers to customers who were interested in a product that was out of stock at the time, but is now available again. For example by sending them emails or showing them adverts on social media.

The flexibility offered by Fresh Relevance lets us tune and optimize the product ranges which we promote and helps us to maximize ROI.

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