Social Proof is a powerful technique to turn window shoppers into buyers

Demonstrate that buying is a good decision, by reporting how many others have already bought.

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Increase Sales and gain a Competitive Advantage with Social Proof

Fresh Relevance is the real-time marketing hub for online retailers.

Social Proof such as Reviews, Recommendations and Recently Viewed Items provides shoppers with more information and confidence upon which to base their purchasing decision. For example "28 others are viewing this hotel right now!" or "7 recently bought!".

Social Proof is also popular with many shoppers as it helps them make the right decision, so providing it can give your business an extra competitive advantage.

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin explains: “Social proof is a tried and tested tactic used by large online retailers to boost sales and now Fresh Relevance is making this functionality available to a much wider market.”

There are two main ways of adding Social Proof to your marketing

  • Product Pages (and similar): Wherever you describe a product, you should include a Social Proof SmartBlock, so that shoppers know it's a good choice.

    This is especially valuable for products where the supply is limited, such as hotel rooms, because it generates a sense of urgency. 
  • Product Recommendations SmartBlocks: e.g. to encourage readers to click through from your emails.  For example showing the count of recent buyers. 

Getting started is easy and quick

Paste a Social Proof SmartBlock into your product page template.

Include Social Proof in your Product Recommendations.

Or we can do these for you as a service.

Triggered Messaging System

More about SmartBlocks

Fresh Relevance delivers real-time, personalized content.  Paste Slots (little chunks of HTML) into your emails or web pages and we fill them with SmartBlocks (real-time, personalized content):

  • Banners - e.g announcement or hero image. Read more
  • Coupons. Read more
  • Countdown Timers. Read more
  • Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Social Proof Product Recommendations. Read more
  • Instagram read more, Pinterest more and Twitter more
  • Web Crops - like a real-time "screen capture". Read more
  • Pop-over email address capture. Read more
  • Local Weather Report Read more
  • Custom - everything else, including script to dynamically modify your web page or menus.

The content for each slot is configured by Slot Rules and personalized by SmartBlock definitions. You have full control, in real-time from the Fresh Relevance UI. Read more with examples

The Fresh Relevance solution is something that I believe every eCommerce retailer should have.

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Matthew Grisman, Database Services Manager, Moss Bros Group Plc

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