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Triggered Messaging from Fresh Relevance is the best in class for shopping cart abandonment emails, with much higher sales uplift than the alternatives...


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Real-time Recovery Emails turn abandoned carts, forms and sessions into sales

Competition among retail sites has never been so fierce and online shoppers face a lot of distractions. On average 2/3 of shopping carts are abandoned!

For example a customer is shopping on your site, in a quiet period at work. She selects some products, but doesn't get time to pay. Later, when she continues shopping, she remembers the products but not necessarily the website, and starts over with a google search. This finds the products on a different site, so she buys them there, which means you did all the marketing but lost the sale. The cart on your site remains abandoned.

Cart, form and browse abandonment recovery are very simple in principle - simply send reminder emails to abandoning shoppers and a proportion will return and buy. For most businesses this will be the best marketing decision you ever made. But integrated tools and free solutions are usually too slow or perform poorly (for example Fresh Relevance identifies 4x more abandoned carts than standard Magento plug-ins).

You need Fresh Relevance's specialist real-time marketing solution that is easy to setup, cheap to run, is integrated with your existing ESP and existing shopping cart, and will grow with your business.

Fresh Relevance - Real-Time Marketing Report for March 2014

  • Fresh Relevance sales uplift: 12.54%
  • Proportion of Carts Abandoned: 64.47%
  • Click Through Rate on recovery emails: 13.25%
  • Purchase Rate after click-through: 36.29%
  • Average return from a recovery email: $27.50
  • Sample size = one billion page views.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Triggered Messaging by Fresh Relevance works in real-time, tracking your customers as they use your shopping cart. It reacts to their individual behavior patterns, building a detailed, instant profile that is used to communicate with them immediately.

If they leave without paying, highly targeted, personalized emails, with pictures of the abandoned product and links back to your site are sent within minutes, using your ESP, so shoppers can click, return and buy. We see conversion rates around 20% for these emails: reducing permanent cart abandonment and increasing your sales by up to 10%.

Our technology also includes real-time reports and data to complement Google Analytics. See what your customers are chosing, and abandoning, as they do it. Fresh Relevance provides a sleek, lightweight alternative to complicated and expensive analytics products, and can scale up to match your requirements as your business grows.

Recovering Shoppers: Best Practice for Abandonment Emails

Browse Abandonment

Browse abandonment recovery targets many more shoppers that cart abandonment misses, such as the increasing number of people who research on their cellphone (not using the cart) and then buy on a different device, such as a tablet. So if you don't use browse abandonment recovery, you're missing out.

We send very similar-looking emails for browse and cart abandonment, showing the products that your customer has been concentrating on recently - with pictures, names or descriptions and links back to your site. They can receive these on any device, not just the one they used for browsing.

Form Abandonment

Many business sectors, e.g. travel and tourism, or insurance, are more complicated than putting standard products in a cart. Even a simple hotel visit may involve details of several people, dates, location and service level. Buying is a multi-step (or multi-form) process, which can be abandoned part-way.

Triggered Messaging by Fresh Relevance tracks visitor progress and their choices. If they abandon, it sends personalized form abandonment recovery emails - with pictures, names or descriptions and links back the buying stage which each shopper has reached, so they can continue.

Form abandonment always requires some custom work, so contact us for details.

Purchase Follow-Up

For most businesses, a first purchase is not the end of the story, just the first step in the customer journey. You want to help them get the most from their new purchase, by providing information or related offers, so that they will become a repeat buyer.

Triggered Messaging by Fresh Relevance can send a sequence of personalized real-time emails after each purchase, to help you maximise customer value.

Why Fresh Relevance outperforms other cart and form abandonment systems.

Triggered Messaging by Fresh Relevance uses various techniques to optimize conversions from abandonment emails, some of which have been used in other areas of digital marketing successfully for years, some are just new and highly innovative.

Real-time, real easy

We operate in real-time and are constantly tracking what shoppers are doing on your website.  Most abandonment leads go cold in about an hour, so as a recovery opportunity occurs Fresh Relevance is ready to act.

Identification is Key

Here's the Research. We have invested a lot of resources into identifying your shoppers, even tracking them across multiple devices. We integrate with your ESP to maximise identification. We don't wait for shoppers to logon; we remember them from session-to-session. And we integrate with tools such as Padiact. This means Fresh Relevance identifies over 4x as many shoppers as standard Magento plug-ins. 

Real-time behavioral content - not just cart contents

Rich content feeds can be used in any email or web page. Not only the contents of the shopping cart, but also feeds of real-time content, from browsed products to crowd sourced trending products. And you can add genuine "open time" content in all your emails, such as feeds that only show "in stock" products, count-down timers, twitter feeds, web crop, "stop press" corrections, and even real-time signatures for your regular email.

Stay in control of your content

Email Templates are set up and managed in your existing email service provider (ESP) and Web Pages by your existing eCommerce provider

One size doesn't fit all

Triggered Messaging can use different recovery programs for different types of shopper and send a sequence of 1, 2, 3 or more emails. (More about better triggered emails). Just like segmentation strategies of old, any combination of web behavior and transactional history can be used to filter triggered sends. This means that different profiles of customers and chosen products can trigger totally different email programs. 

Personalize your emails with the shopper's cart: product pictures, descriptions and prices, links back to your store, and personalized feeds such as product recommendedations, so lapsed shoppers can easily click, return and buy.

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Forrester research reveals 90% of cart abandonment leads go cold within 1 hour, with the likelihood of sales conversion diminishing steadily as minutes pass.

By 2016, analysts predict 23% of all UK purchases will be done over the Internet.

The annual Royal Mail report shows 94% of online shoppers have abandoned their cart at some point (PDF).

Study: Triggered emails recapture 29% of abandoned carts

Bold returns for modest investment

You will see increased turnover almost immediately: the number and frequency of permanently abandoned carts will reduce as soon as you apply Fresh Relevance to your site, and you will make further gains as it learns more about your customers.

Set up is very quick and easy. Start with cart abandonment and complete 3 simple steps in a few minutes. Then we do a little bit of work on our system, and you’re seeing results:

  1. Register with Fresh Relevance and enter your details. Use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account, or just a name and password. It's cloud hosted, so there's nothing to install.
  2. Use your existing shopping cart (we can support any cart and about 50% of our clients use custom carts). Add one line of HTML to your site, we configure our script without you having to get involved, and Fresh Relevance automatically loads product information directly from your site.
  3. Go live immediately with our Quickstart ESP. Then if you prefer to use your existing email marketing provider (list of those supported), create one or more cart abandonment emails based on your existing email layouts, do a little bit of admin work, and Fresh Relevance will send them.

We provide detailed instructions, including screenshots.