See how Triggered Messaging transforms lost carts into loyal customers

Learn why real-time personalization engages your customers and powers your marketing process.


Minimise cart abandonment, increase conversions by 20% and engage with your customers with advanced Triggered Messaging

Fresh Relevance collects real-time data from your customers as they browse. Triggered, personalized messages entice them back to complete any abandoned purchases immediately; post-purchase messages build strong engagement and browse abandonment emails can catch even more lost revenue.

Drag and drop your content choices into templates. Set up takes only minutes. Your chosen content settings and the rules for serving the content can be fed across your entire marketing infrastructure for omnichannel personalization.

Data is collected from the moment a customer lands on your site. Each product they view or buy is tracked and recorded, not just the products they put in their cart.

Triggered messages, filled with content generated using the customer's most recent visit, can be sent immediately.

Use this rich customer data to align your triggered messages with wider marketing objectives for even better engagement.

Multiple trigger types and testing for better results

Fresh Relevance goes much further than recovering abandoned carts. Messages can be triggered by many different events: when products are back in stock or on sale, for example.

Post-purchase triggered messages welcome new customers and continue to build engagement with timely, personalized offers and information. Browse abandonment emails recover even more lost revenue from general browse sessions. 

Refine your messages even further using our AB testing to optimize results based on your best performing variations.

Cart Abandonment Email
Free Cart Abandonment Email Templates
Triggered Messaging Multiple Devices

Accurate customer identification across multiple devices

Fresh Relevance identifies on average 4x as many visitors as alternative platforms.

Data that's collected anonymously as potential shoppers browse, is cross-referenced with your ESP. First time visitors are prompted for their email address.

When returning customers are identified – even if they use multiple devices to browse your site - personalized messages that suit their latest preferences and engagement level are triggered.

Getting started is easy and quick

Go live immediately with our Quickstart ESP. Alternatively, integrate Triggered Messaging into your existing ESP or eCommerce system.

We provide detailed instructions and graphics to help you get set up and interface help appears on every page of the platform.

Fresh Relevance is cloud hosted so there’s nothing to install and we support every shopping cart.

Triggered Messaging System

We had achieved a 957% Return on Investment. Or, to put it another way, every £1 invested with Fresh Relevance has returned £9.57.

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Nick Smith, Managing Director of cottages4you