Free content tools for live cross-channel updates & critical messaging

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the immediacy with which organizations around the world need to communicate. 

To help eCommerce businesses keep their customers engaged with the brand and messaging, we're offering you free access to a selection of real-time content tools for emails and web for expedited and easy communication. 

These features will work with any Email Service Provider. 

What's included?


Real-time critical email & web messaging

Times are tough, so it’s important to keep your customers informed about the measures you are taking. Fresh Relevance real-time critical messaging allows you to deploy dynamic updates in your emails as well as on your website. Whether you're displaying up-to-date information around delivery and expected ship dates or outlining your safety measures - the real-time nature of these critical messages means that the content will always be up-to-date. In emails, the content is updated when the email is opened, meaning that you can change the messages even after the email has been sent.

Real-time critical emails and web messaging.png

Web-cropped content for use in email

With teams being stretched, many companies have to do more with less. Web crop is a Fresh Relevance feature that allows you to automatically generate email content by selecting a section of web content to be displayed in the email.

As with all Fresh Relevance email content tools, the web cropped content is updated when the email is opened. This means that the email shows the live website content at the moment of engagement. 

Web cropped content.png

Social media feeds for use on web pages and in email

Fresh Relevance allows you to include real-time social media content from Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram both on your website and in your emails. This is a great way to keep your web and email content fresh with authentic, user-generated content. It also reminds your customers that they can continue to engage with you via their favorite social media platforms. 


How to get access to this offer

Step 1

You will be asked a few screening questions to ensure that we can help you and that you have the skills in your team to be able to use the features. Please note that as this is a free service, Fresh Relevance will not be able to provide our usual levels of support.


Step 2

Sign a zero value order to cover the legal aspects of using Fresh Relevance.


Step 3

Add a small script to your website. This is used to serve content into your website and also to collect the web content for use in email.


Step 4

Follow written and video instructions to use the functionality included in this offer.


Limited availability

This is a totally free, no obligation offer. All we ask is that we can have a more detailed conversation about the potential of working together when things start improving.

We may have to limit the numbers of companies using this functionality and we reserve the right to do so.  


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