Fresh Relevance for recruitment

Attract the right candidates for the right roles through a personalized experience

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Deliver personalized experiences to not just meet but exceed candidate expectations along their path to securing the right role with you.

  • Boost candidate engagement
  • Combat job abandonment
  • Grow your candidate database
  • Fill roles more quickly

Boost candidate engagement

Job recommendations

Use AI to tailor recommendations to each candidate. With Fresh Relevance, recommendations are automatically updated based on the user’s latest browse behavior.

Recruitment Product Recommendations

Social proof

Recreate the person-to-person experience and increase urgency with popularity messaging showing how many other candidates are viewing a particular role, and foster trust with ratings and reviews.

Recruitment Social Proof


Make the customer experience more relevant by displaying jobs and content based on the individual’s location.

Recruitment Geotargeting

Combat job abandonment

Exit intent popovers

Convince candidates to complete their job application with exit intent popovers triggered when a user is about to leave your site before submitting an application.

Recruitment Exit Intent Popovers

Triggered emails

Encourage candidates back to your site to complete a job application with triggered abandonment messages that are customized for each user, for example based on abandoned job applications. With Fresh Relevance, you can send triggered emails even when the candidate isn’t logged in.

Recruitment Triggered Emails

Why Fresh Relevance

Puts you in the driver’s seat

Access customer data, execute campaigns and make updates to the website without the help of your IT team.

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Offers comprehensive testing & optimization capabilities

Automatically optimize individual pieces of content, or the entire CX, across channels using Machine Learning. Analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.

WhyFresh2-AdminSite-Screenshots-Optimize campaigns - Optimised.png

Eliminates data silos by simplifying your tech stack

Replace multiple disjointed point solutions with one easy-to-use platform to analyze your readership, personalize their experience and optimize campaigns.

WhyFresh3-AdminSite-Screenshots-Reporting & Anayltics - Optimised.png

Integrates seamlessly with leading recruitment tools

Getting started with Fresh Relevance is a matter of days, not weeks or months. The best-of breed solution plays nicely with your existing tools, including your ESP, CDP, data management platform and analytics suite.

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Recruitment businesses find the right candidate with Fresh Relevance

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