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Provide 1-2-1 personalization to turn browsers into shoppers and first-time buyers into repeat customers.

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Don’t think you’ve mastered personalization if you call your customers by their name, as one in three consumers don’t care. Deliver personalized experiences to not just meet, but exceed customer expectations along their path to purchase while driving online growth.

  • Reduce website bounces.
  • Grow your database.
  • Improve AOV and ecommerce revenue.
  • Increase retention and CLTV.

Combat bounce rate


Support your acquisition marketing with targeted popovers once a shopper lands on your online store. Data capture popovers inviting shoppers to sign up for your emails improve the visitor identification rate and drive list growth. Exit intent pop-ups engage shoppers who are about to leave your website with targeted offers. Learn more >

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Contextual images

Make the most of your website traffic and reduce bounce rates by tailoring messaging and product content to the context of each customer, such as their geolocation, device, the time of day or local weather. Learn more >

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Increase ecommerce revenue

Triggered emails

One in four shoppers (28%) are more likely to be loyal to a brand that sends marketing emails that are tailored to them. Convert more carts and recover abandoned sales with browse and cart abandonment messages that are customized for each shopper, e.g. based on cart value, carted brands or customer lifecycle stage. Learn more >

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Product recommendations

Help your visitors discover more products they might like and increase average order value (AOV) through effective cross-selling, up-selling and deep-selling. Use AI to tailor product recommendations to each customer and boost ecommerce revenue while meeting your individual business goals. Learn more >

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Dynamic content

Unlock revenue opportunities and remove friction with content that’s always up-to-date. Show the latest product information, including live prices and discounts, and never promote sold-out items. Increase urgency without resorting to discounting by counting down to delivery before a key date or offer expiry. Learn more >

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Social proof

Shoppers are most influenced by people similar to them - fellow customers. Retailers can leverage the power of social proof by showing shoppers which products are resonating with their peers. Recreate the person-to-person experience with cross-channel UGC, product ratings and reviews, product scarcity and popularity messaging. Learn more >

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Foster customer loyalty

Email & onsite personalization

In this era of one-click immediacy paired with an abundance of choice, customer loyalty is fleeting. A whopping 60% would stop buying from an online store if the website was difficult to navigate. Provide an experience that encourages repeat purchases and grows customer lifetime value. Personalize any element of your web store and emails, based on customer behavior, context and stage in the customer lifecycle. Learn more >

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Behavioral targeting

Create segments as general or granular as you like, e.g. for lapsed shoppers, high-spenders, or customers interested in a certain brand or product category. Identify your best customers and give them the VIP experience they deserve by automatically displaying their preferred category, brand, color or size. Learn more >

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Unified customer data

Craft a cohesive experience by collecting data from online and offline sources and unifying it to fuel your ecommerce personalization. Import and export data from external sources, such as your ESP, CRM or POS system, and use it to customize the experience based on behavior and purchases.  Learn more >

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Why Fresh Relevance

Reports in real-time

Uncover trends by tracking campaign results with our intuitive dashboards. Demonstrate the impact personalization has on your business using revenue-based, real-time metrics. Learn more >

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Puts marketers in the driver's seat

Fresh Relevance makes it easy to optimize the retail customer journey, no technical knowledge required. Access customer data, execute campaigns and make updates to the website with an intuitive user interface - no need to involve IT.

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Offers comprehensive testing & optimization capabilities

Analyze the impact of personalization and improve results by continuously testing and optimizing campaigns using split tests, multivariate testing and control groups. 

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Eliminates data silos by simplifying your martech stack

Supercharge your eCommerce marketing stack with one easy-to-use platform to analyze your customer data, personalize the experience and optimize campaigns.

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Integrates seamlessly with leading platforms

Go live in days, not months or weeks, with a best-of breed solution that plays nicely with your existing tools, including your ESP, ecommerce platform, CDP, and analytics suite.

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Retail companies drive online growth with Fresh Relevance

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