Fresh Relevance for travel

Reduce lengthy decision-making and increase booking revenues with personalized experiences

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Use cross-channel personalization to inspire travelers to book with you again and again.

  • Help customers uncover the perfect trip.
  • Combat booking abandonment.
  • Reduce lengthy decision-making.
  • Increase order values with ancillaries and upsells.

Reduce lengthy decision making

Cross-channel personalization

Two in three Millennials spend longer researching their holiday than the duration of the trip itself. Reduce the long buying cycle and combat the comparison mindset by giving travelers an experience they won’t forget. Increase customer lifetime value by offering a curated website and newsletter, reflecting each shopper’s views, searches, interests – even for anonymous web visitors. Learn more >

Social proof

Help travelers discover the best hotels, destinations, activities and amenities with social proof. Showcase user-generated content and ratings and reviews to help travelers find the trip that’s right for them. Use wisdom of the crowd to draw attention to popular ancillary holidays. Create urgency and encourage conversions by showing how many people have booked recently. Learn more >

Increase booking revenues

Booking abandonment

Eight in ten online travel bookings get abandoned. Minimize booking and browse abandonment and recover revenue by reminding travelers why they should book with you. Tailor triggered messages and SMS to the context, e.g. the value of the abandoned session, to keep abandoning customers on track to book. Learn more >


Boost occupancy and promote amenities with recommendations based on each customer’s searches, bookings, and previously viewed options, such as holidays with pets or hot tub holidays. Use targeted upsell messages to promote relevant ancillaries and upgrades throughout the booking funnel to increase average order values.  Learn more >

Dynamic content

Ensure travelers will always see the latest deal information, including live prices, discounts and availability, no matter when they engage with your marketing. Show the weather at the customer’s geolocation or the weather forecast somewhere fabulous to encourage them to book a trip. You can tailor your promotions to the traveler’s preferences, their history and stage in the booking journey. Learn more >


Treat customers differently based on where they’re based to ensure that they see offers most relevant to their current context. You can customize content based on a traveler’s geolocation, their nearest shop or airport. For example, only recommend trips departing from their closest airport. Learn more >


Use targeted overlays to invite new visitors to sign up to your marketing emails. Reduce booking abandonment with exit intent pop-ups that trigger when a booker is about to leave your website. Help returning travelers pick up where they left off with a popover reminding them of their last viewed items. Learn more >

Foster customer loyalty

Get a single, unified view of the customer

Fresh Relevance recognizes travelers across channels and links their previous behaviors, interests, and bookings to their current interactions. Create a single source of truth for the various interactions your customers have with each touchpoint, based on data from internal and external systems.

Real-time customer insights

Uncover trends by analyzing customer data with our intuitive dashboards to promote the right trips and ancillaries based on each shopper’s bookings, profile and behavior.

Why Fresh Relevance

Creates granular customer segments

One third of Gen Z vacationers is frustrated by irrelevant offers. Advanced segmentation based on behavioral and contextual data helps you reach every traveler with the most relevant options.

Lets you execute without relying on IT

Manage your personalization campaigns, update the website and access customer data without the help of your IT team.

Offers comprehensive testing & optimization capabilities

Automatically optimize individual pieces of content, or the entire CX, across channels using Machine Learning. Analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.

Eliminates data silos by simplifying your martech stack

Replace multiple disjointed point solutions with one easy-to-use platform to analyze your customer base, personalize their experience and optimize campaigns.

Integrates seamlessly with leading platforms

Getting started with Fresh Relevance is a matter of days, not weeks or months. The best-of-breed solution plays nicely with your existing tools, including your ESP, website, CDP and analytics suite.


Ready to give personalization a go?