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Your business’ success relies on strong conversion rates. Fresh Relevance gives you access to an unrivalled range of tools, allowing you to launch revenue-generating experiences across the entire customer journey. Choose a tech partner that fuels your growth and create personalized experiences at scale. 

  • Seamlessly deliver the most relevant content based on a browser’s behavior, context and preferences
  • Use advanced targeting features such as price affinity predictor to turn window shoppers into buyers
  • Personalize engagement at every touch including web, email and app

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Built to increase engagement and accelerate business results

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Dynamic Content

Deliver content that is unique and relevant to your website visitors including: personalized product recommendations, real time banners, weather based content, live pricing, countdown timers and live social feeds.

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Personalized Email

Send relevant emails based on a visitor’s behaviour, such as browse – form – and cart abandonment, post purchase emails or replenishment emails.

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Social Proof

Use social proof to give your visitors the confidence to select the product that is right for them. Features include both popularity and scarcity messaging as well as ratings and reviews.


Reporting, Testing and Optimization

Make use of our comprehensive reporting and testing capabilities, allowing you to track how each tactic is performing, test hypothesis and instantly adjust strategies. Features include: Visual dashboards, audience analytics and split testing.



Treat visitors differently based on where they’re located. Filter content based on the location of the visitor or the location of products, encourage them to visit the store closest to them or only display content specific to the city, county and state or a set geofence.

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Average sales influenced

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Why Fresh Relevance

Seamless integrating with industry-leading platforms

Leverage the Fresh Relevance platform with the tools you already use. Our modern and flexible data architecture allows you to integrate with any platform such as shopifyplus, Magento, Salesforce etc.

Unrivalled range of tools

The Fresh Relevance platform is powered by a comprehensive and unrivalled set of features which can be tailored to meet your unique goals. Build your own package and chose the features you really need.

Unique pricing model

Our “all you can eat” pricing gives you peace of mind and full control over your marketing budget. We charge by average monthly page views – not per impression. So you’ll never run out of a feature during a campaign and always have full transparency over total costs.

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