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Management Team

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He has been building software companies for over 20 years. He enjoys walking, cooking, playing piano and computer games.


CEO, Founder

Pete is an author and serial entrepreneur. He has been designing systems for 40 years, including games, financial trading and an ESP. He likes research, computer games and everything Vietnamese.


CINO, Founder

Eddy has over 10 years' experience in digital marketing. His hobbies include cycling, playing golf and spending time with his family including his two demanding daughters.


Director of Sales and Marketing, Founder

David leads the dev team, engineers scale, automates, adds features. Enjoys winter sports and travelling, at the weekend attempts to play hockey.



William was Finance Director and then Chief Executive of Gullane Entertainment plc. He helped grow it from a £400k turnover business into a London Stock Exchange company with a turnover in excess of £50m.



Customer Services

Lee manages the client services team to ensure they give the best customer support. He also spends his time running with bulls, diving with sharks and wrestling 'gators


Client Services Manager

At work James aims to keep clients as happy as possible through support and services. Outside of work he spends his time playing football (badly), gaining useless knowledge at pub quizzes and exploiting his £16-a-month Cineworld card.


Client Services

Dean supports clients with onboarding, additional needs and services. Enjoys video gaming, making magic happen and cultivating his beard


Client Services

Simon uses his previous 3 years experience working for a web development company to give clients excellent support. His main hobbies include Cooking, Nutrition and Body Building.


Client Services

Blake is the self-appointed office comedian, and assists clients with any questions they may have. In his spare time he plays baseball, watches NFL and pretends he's American.


Client Services

Gary endevours to support customers to the best standard when using Fresh Relevance. In his spare time he is an avid watcher of Motorsport.


Client Services


Harry looks after our wonderful partners to help them get the most out of their relationship with Fresh Relevance. Outside of work he enjoys cooking and restaurant visits, as well as making and playing music.


Head of Partnerships

Huriyyah loves to work with clients to instil product confidence and ensure they are making the most of their investment. She also loves shopping, cooking, baking and all things chocolate!


Head of Account Management

Ashley is probably the most charismatic and endearing member of the sales team (and definitely didn’t write this himself). He enjoys helping marketers solve their challenges by opening up the world of real time data leverage.


Sales Manager

Alex's role is to understand the needs of commerce marketers and propose solutions that make their lives better. In his spare time Alex makes and produces music, is a keen tennis player and loves to travel.


Sales Manager


Laura's role involves designing a range of marketing and sales material for the company. She enjoys motorsport, looking after her pet rabbit and eating the cookies Natasha bakes!


Graphic Designer

Nanci is our resident American and Outbound Marketing Manager. She loves cooking, traveling, amateur photography and new things in general. Let's grab a drink!


Outbound Marketing Manager

Rasma is an adventurer at heart, she enjoys travelling and hiking. In her free time she loves learning new things including languages, tennis and other sport activities.


Outbound Marketing Executive

Natasha implements our Inbound Marketing Strategy. She enjoys baking cakes, cookies and tartes, eating Domino's, travelling and looking after her Guinea Pigs!



Theo executes our daily marketing tasks. She loves music, travelling, dancing, skiing, playing tennis and trying new things.



Holly executes our daily marketing tasks. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, shopping, travelling, and loves going swimming with her Cocker Spaniel, Smudge!



Frellie represents the company, maintaining our brand image and corporate values. She loves having her photo taken, travelling, attending conferences and dressing up. Her twitter is @freshelephants




Richard is commander of Fresh Relevance production servers, DevOps advocate, innovation pursuer & automation devotee. Chief Cornish Pasty consumer and Photographer.


Technical Operations Manager

Mikael builds and maintains third party integrations with multiple marketing platforms. He also plays a lot of badminton, likes to travel and also enjoys going hiking.


Software Developer

Backend Python & JavaScript developer. Writes lots of code, sometimes it even works. Enjoys sleeping too much, Netflix & Pizza. zzz.


Software Developer

Software developer focusing on providing personalised services based on client needs. Loves eating, cooking and going to the gym.


Software Developer

Azdean is a Code Monkey who is really good at making computers do stuff. In his spare time he enjoys playing board games, eating pizza and going on long, scenic hikes.


Software Developer

Phoebe is a web developer who comments out bits of code until she works out what's broken. She is also a CompSci student during term time. She likes baking amazing brownies, sewing, punk rock and RPGs.


Software Developer

Javascript Developer at Fresh Relevance focusing on development and maintainence of services for our clients. His hobbies include web development, video gaming and BMX.


Software Developer

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