Dynamic content

Delight customers with dynamic web content and email content that’s always up to date.

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Personalization is more than just product recommendations. With dynamic content, you can automatically generate compelling creative that is unique, relevant and up-to-date, the instant a shopper interacts with your marketing. By adapting emails and the website to each shopper’s behavior, context and preferences, you can personalize the entire experience.

  • Combat bounce rates by offering a relevant onsite experience.
  • Promote up-to-date offers based on live inventory and pricing.
  • Drive clicks and sales leveraging customer and contextual data.
  • Personalize content even for unknown visitors using AI.

Comprehensive set of dynamic content features

Dynamic banners

One-size-fits-all ecommerce stores and emails are a thing of the past. Real-time banners allow you to keep shoppers engaged onsite or with your emails by showing each shopper the offer that’s most likely to spark their interest. Put customers in buying mode by tailoring banners to their preferred categories or brands. Build trust with new shoppers by personalizing banners based on the individual’s context, such as day parting.

Product recommendations

If you’re showing the same product recommendations to everyone, you risk leaving shoppers frustrated when suggestions don’t meet their needs. That’s where dynamic product recommendations come in. Display products precisely matched to recipient preferences and behaviors. Base them on open-time inventory and pricing data to make sure consumers aren’t left disappointed by an offer that’s expired or is no longer available. Learn more >

Weather-based content

Display content based on the live weather at the shopper’s geolocation at the moment of engagement to provide them with relevant product recommendations, such as winter boots if it’s snowing. Or use the weather forecast for their travel destination to help customers book matching ancillary services.

Live pricing & availability

Leverage real-time external data feeds, for example live flight prices, personalized variable real-time pricing or live availability. By updating content automatically at the time of every open or view, you ensure you never promote out-of-date content or unavailable products.


Nothing’s more frustrating than to click on an email, only to find that the offers and products are no longer relevant. Using web crop technology, you can directly include current banners from your website as open time email content. The webcrop can be personalized to pull content that an individual has been exposed to onsite, e.g. their wishlist.

Live social media feeds

Display the latest content from your social pages in your emails and ecommerce store to keep customers updated and encourage omni-channel engagement. Live streams of high-quality user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are pulled in real-time to make your shoppers feel part of a tribe. Learn more >

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are animated clocks that count down to an important deadline, such as the end of a promotion, to build excitement. Messaging can be personalized – either based on the event, or for the individual customer. In bulk and triggered emails, countdown timers can be generated as a GIF at the moment a shopper opens the email.


Dispense individual or multi-use coupons with expiry dates and limits to acquire new customers, reduce cart abandonment, reconnect with lapsed customers and help sell excess stock. If a customer opens your email after a coupon has expired, they see ‘coupon expired’ text, rather than an out-of-date coupon.

Why Fresh Relevance

Take real-time content to the next level

With our intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, you can customize not only the messaging that the individual or a granular customer segment sees, but the type of content they see in the first place. A different piece of dynamic content can be shown depending on a shopper’s place in the buying journey, lifecycle stage, preferences, location, weather forecast, time of day, or a combination of all of these. For example, on the same web banner slot, a new visitor might see recommendations based on the local weather, while a lapsed buyer sees a coupon.

Steer clear of spam filters

When deploying live email content, it’s important to keep deliverability in mind. Many spam filters block image-heavy emails, so there’s no point designing engaging messages if your subscribers don’t get to see them. Also, excessive image sizes will impact the email’s load time, especially on mobile devices. Fresh Relevance lets you personalize digestible blocks of content, so you can create engaging emails without worrying about deliverability.

Take control of your website

Our WYSIWYG site editor allows you to make changes to your website, no coding skills required. Add and test personalized content and targeting rules in real-time without involving your web developers or IT team. Real-time content is generated as a block of HTML and JavaScript when the page is displayed.

Provide a seamless cross-channel experience

Maintain a consistent visual experience as consumers re-engage across email and web. Tailor any element of your website to the personal shopping behavior of your customers. Use dynamic banners to increase the relevancy of bulk marketing emails, and to add another layer of personalization to real-time triggered emails. This includes hero banners, product images, copy, loyalty program balances and more.

Test and optimize

Achieve faster time-to-insight with our intuitive dashboards and testing. Use split tests to compare and optimize the content displayed for conversions. Enhance the performance of your creative, hero images, call-to-actions, offers, and more. Automatically optimize individual pieces of content, or the entire CX, across channels using Machine Learning. Analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.

“With Fresh Relevance dynamic content we have placed control of marketing into the hands of the marketing team. Now what once took days can be done instantaneously.”
Nick Smith, Marketing Director

Inject dynamic content into all your marketing tactics

Triggered emails

Tailor each email to the recipient and increase conversion rates by including dynamic content in cart, form and browse abandonment messages. Learn more >

Onsite popovers

Make your pop-ups and popovers more engaging by adding countdown timers, coupons, product recommendations and more. Learn more >


Localize dynamic content and drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar stores.  Learn more >

Social proof

Spice up dynamic content with real-time product ratings, reviews and popularity messaging. Learn more >

Behavioral targeting

Create granular segments to treat shoppers differently based on customer behavior and  lifecycle stage. Learn more > 

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How does the technology work?

Fresh Relevance works quietly in the background of your site, capturing all available data. It tracks visitor behavior and product data using JavaScript, and combines that with historical transactional and stock level data from the eCommerce platform.

How long does it take to get started?

Setup is simple and doesn’t require extensive IT implementation. Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with all ESPs and ecommerce platforms. Simply enter your ESP log-in credentials and add one line of JavaScript to your website and you’re off.

Will I receive help in the onboarding process?

Our experienced onboarding team will take you through the steps so you can start generating more revenue from day one.

How much does it cost?

Our unique pricing model is based on the average traffic on your website. So you can send as many emails you like, the costs will stay the same. Contact us here for a quote.