Triggered emails

Encourage customers to buy from you again and again using marketing automation.

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Fresh Relevance triggered emails make it easy to increase conversion rates with timely, relevant messages based on customer behavior. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI, you can build personalized, automated emails that consistently drive ecommerce revenue.

  • Send targeted emails when shoppers are most interested.
  • Personalize messages based on the type of shopper, carted value, etc.
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment.
  • Drive AOV and CLTV by reengaging and upselling customers.

Comprehensive set of triggered emails

Browse abandonment emails: Turn window shoppers into buyers.

Two thirds of shoppers visiting your website will look at your products but leave without making a purchase. Convert more of these browsers into buyers and generate 3% more ecommerce revenue by calling them back with abandoned browse emails.

Cart abandonment emails: Recover abandoned sales by reconnecting with shoppers.

One in two online shopping carts get abandoned. Combat shopping cart abandonment and drive 7% more revenue by triggering email remarketing when the shopper leaves your website. Abandoned cart emails remind them of what they left behind and tempts them back to complete the purchase.

Form abandonment emails: Invite form abandoners to pick-up where they left off.

Motivate shoppers to complete a booking or subscription form by triggering a retargeting email.

Post-purchase emails: Tempt your customers to buy more.

Effective marketing doesn’t end when a customer buys your product. Maintain a strong relationship and boost customer lifetime value by tempting them to spend a little more through targeted upsell, cross-sell and deep-sell emails based on their recent purchase.

Replenishment emails: Foster loyalty with predictive refill emails.

Ensure that your customers never run out of their favorite products with predictive marketing messages that remind them to restock.

Why Fresh Relevance?

Choose the #1 abandoned cart solution

We’re the leading cart abandonment provider in the UK and recover more shopping carts than any other system. Fresh Relevance identifies shoppers across multiple devices, even when they aren’t logged into their customer account. This improves your website visitor identification rate significantly. It also allows you to reengage more website visitors with triggered emails. And you won’t lose track if a customer revisits your online store from a different device. They will find the items they had left behind – which has a significant impact on conversion rates.

Create multi-step campaigns to increase the odds

A multi-step cart abandonment program generates 21% more sales than a single cart recovery email. Improve campaign performance by creating multi-cycle campaigns, for example by sending the first cart recovery email after 30 min, another one after 24h and a third message after 72h.

Tailor triggered emails to each shopper

With our intuitive drag-and-drop UI, you can design sophisticated automation workflows targeting the shopper’s behavior, preferences and lifecycle stages – without the need for a developer. By flexibly combining over 30 rules based on behavioral, transactional and contextual data, you can take full control of which customer receives which triggered email. For example, you could create one cart abandonment program for past-purchasers who have recently spent a lot of time on the website, another variant for less engaged shoppers and add a rule so that customers who haven’t ever made a purchase at all don’t receive a cart abandon email.

Track campaign performance

Detailed reporting dashboards enable you to compare KPIs and get granular insights on how your triggered email campaigns are performing. Slice and dice your data and drill down into audience segments, campaign engagement, user trends, or device information, all in one platform.

Test and optimize

Take the guesswork out of your email marketing and adapt to customer behavior by A/B/n-testing the impact of different send times, subject lines, images, calls to action and more. Automatically optimize individual pieces of content, or the entire CX, across channels using Machine Learning. Analyze your personalization campaigns in Google Analytics.

“We’ve seen a terrific return on all Fresh Relevance integrations, with an incremental increase in revenues month-on-month.”
Brooke Farris, General Manager Digital

Make your triggered emails convert even better

Contextual dynamic images

Personalize the email images based on the categories or brands the shopper viewed, browsed and purchased. Dynamically change imagery to address different customer groups, geolocations and open times. Learn more >


Triggered emails present the perfect opportunity to cross-sell and upsell by adding suggestions for similar or complementary products. Personalize based on the items browsed, carted and purchased or show what others are buying. Learn more >

Popularity messaging

Add an element of urgency and speed up on-site conversions with live trends, showing how many people have viewed or bought a certain product recently. Learn more >

Ratings and reviews

Most consumers read reviews before purchasing online. Reduce purchase anxiety and reassure shoppers by including reviews from other customers. They are pulled in real-time from your product rating provider, ensuring that only recent and positive scores are shown.

Countdown timers

Countdown timers provide a helpful dose of urgency to act before it’s too late. Harness FOMO and provide service information by highlighting how long is left until the end of a sale or the deadline for next day delivery. Learn more >

Exit intent popovers

Intervene when the shopper looks like they’re about to leave your website. Fresh Relevance identifies the moment someone is about to leave your site and triggers a pop-up displaying the content you defined, such as customer support information or a discount. Learn more >

Email my basket pop-ups

Make it easy for shoppers to pick up where they left off. An ‘email my basket’ pop-up offers to send the website visitor a handy reminder of the items they carted so they can return and complete the purchase when they’re ready. Learn more >

Ready to give triggered emails a go?


How does the technology work?

Fresh Relevance works quietly in the background of your site, capturing all available data. It tracks visitor behavior and product data using JavaScript, and combines that with historical transactional and stock level data from the eCommerce platform.

How long does it take to get started?

Setup is simple and doesn’t require extensive IT implementation. Fresh Relevance integrates seamlessly with all ESPs and ecommerce platforms. Simply enter your ESP log-in credentials and add one line of JavaScript to your website and you’re off.

Will I receive help in the onboarding process?

Our experienced onboarding team will take you through the steps so you can start generating more revenue from day one.

How much does it cost?

Our unique pricing model is based on the average traffic on your website. So you can use the purchased solutions as often as you like, the costs will stay the same. Contact us here for a quote.