Recapture lost revenue with personalized cart abandonment emails

Turn cart abandonments into sales with irresistible, personalized messages automatically tailored to your shopper’s preferences. Inject AI-powered product recommendations and social proof to entice them back to their cart — all from within a drag-and-drop, user-friendly editor.

Win back shoppers & boost your bottom line

Cutting edge features, seamless integrations with industry-leading platforms, and a drag-and-drop interface. What’s not to love!

customer data

Rich customer profiles win hearts and wallets

Automatically tag the products your shopper browses and purchases (e.g., brand, clothing type or size, price range, etc.). Then use these real-time insights in automated personalized recovery campaigns to engage your shopper with compelling content, images and offers across channels to boost engagement and recover lost sales.

Build rich customer profiles across multiple channels
Trigger emails within 20 minutes of cart abandonment to recover lost revenue

trigger programs

Lonely messages doom the abandoned cart

Bring that shopper back with an automated multi-step cross-channel recovery campaign starting with an exit popup that prompts them to buy before they fly . Continue the series with a combination of app banners, emails, SMS and retargeting ads.

customer data

Say hello to on-time personalization that converts!

Shift your cross-channel cart recovery efforts into high gear with dynamic content: banners, promotions, offers and product recommendations based on the shopper’s preferences and behavior. No more manual content tweaks!

Suggest similar products or related products with the abandonment email

We help you make engaging customer experiences a reality. Our powerful eCommerce personalization solution saves you time, integrates with your tech stack, and delivers seamless customer experiences via your website, app, emails, SMS and paid social — all without waiting on IT.

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Browse abandonment emails

Turn window shoppers into buyers.

Two thirds of shoppers visiting your website will look at your products but leave without making a purchase.

Convert more of these browsers into buyers and generate 3% more eCommerce revenue by calling them back with abandoned browse emails.


Cart abandonment emails

Recover abandoned sales by reconnecting with shoppers.

One in two online shopping carts get abandoned. Combat shopping cart abandonment and drive 7% more revenue by triggering remarketing emails when the shopper leaves your website.

Abandoned cart emails remind them of what they left behind and tempt them back to complete the purchase.


Booking abandonment emails

Recover abandoned bookings by reconnecting with customers.

Send triggered booking abandonment emails to remind shoppers of the trip they were interested in and encourage them to return to your site to complete their booking.


Post-purchase emails

Tempt your customers to buy more.

Effective marketing doesn’t end when a customer buys your product.

Maintain a strong relationship and boost customer lifetime value by tempting them to spend a little more through targeted upsell, cross-sell and deep-sell emails based on their recent purchase.


Price drop emails

Leverage price reductions to maximum effect.

Provide great customer service and clear excess inventory by informing shoppers of discounts on items they viewed with a price decrease alert.


Stock alert emails

Boost the urgency to buy by giving shoppers a heads-up when a product that they’ve recently browsed has now become low in stock.

Let customers know that a previously sold-out product they looked at has come back in stock.


Custom triggers

Motivate shoppers to complete a booking or subscription form by triggering a retargeting email.

Ensure that your customers never run out of their favorite products with predictive marketing messages that remind them to restock.


“We had a very basic cart abandonment set up before. The emails were non-personalized, they didn’t show the products and they didn’t include social proof. Now with Fresh Relevance, we’ve seen a 25%increaseYoYinabandonedcartrevenue.

Nathan Amery, Jewellerybox

“We had a very basic cart abandonment set up before. The emails were non-personalized, they didn’t show the products and they didn’t include social proof. Now with Fresh Relevance, we’ve seen a 25%increaseYoYinabandonedcartrevenue.

Nathan Amery, Head of Digital Marketing, Jewellerybox

Customer-approved eCommerce personalization

Fresh Relevance has an unrivaled suite of personalization tools that allow you to orchestrate and automate revenue-generating experiences across the customer lifecycle. Choose a tech partner with unparalleled onboarding and support — one whose primary goal is your success and growth.

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