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Ideal for SMB organizations. Provides access to the Fresh Relevance system.


Perfect for large organizations with more complex needs. Provides access to the Fresh Relevance system and enhanced security, integration and support.

Add one or more channels:


Web Personalization

Personalize your website with real-time product recommendations, geotargeting, weather tools and more, using sophisticated targeting rules. Unlimited web impressions included.


Email Personalization

Personalize your bulk, triggered and transactional emails with live content that updates at open time. Includes product recommendations, social media feeds, web crops, geotargeted personalization including weather tools and more. Unlimited email opens included.

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Mobile App Personalization

Personalize your mobile app with real-time product recommendations, geotargeting, weather tools and more, using sophisticated targeting rules. Unlimited personalized app content included.

Triggered Emails

Send triggered cart and browse abandonment, purchase complete and custom triggered emails to your customers, based on their behavior on your site. Fully integrated with your chosen ESP.


Triggered SMS

Personalize messages and trigger them based on customer behavior or custom signals. Send SMS through Fresh Relevance or your existing SMS provider.

Add add-on modules:

Social Proof

Enhance your cross-channel marketing with compelling urgency messaging and rating and review data from your existing product ratings provider.

Behavioral & Social Targeting

Target your customers based on their behavior – including price drop & back in stock alerts. Export your segments to your ESP and re-target customers on social channels.


Engage shoppers through localized marketing, based on their current or preferred location.

Data Capture

Add targeted, personalized data capture popups/banners to your website. Data Capture popups/banners are triggered by browsing behavior, exit intent or any other data held about the individual shopper.


Identify and deploy the best-performing variation quickly for maximum ROI with advanced testing and optimization tools.

B2B eCommerce

Provide a personalized experience for key B2B requirements, like multiple price lists, trade accounts and personalized pricing.



Export a feed of your customers’ behavioral and transactional data to your external applications for further analysis.

Data Import

Import data from external sources to use them for personalization and triggered emails.

Site Variants

Scale across multiple sites, languages and currencies, all in one account. Sites must be of a similar HTML structure so they are all able to use a single site script.


Can you help me get going?

Absolutely. All new Fresh Relevance customers receive a personalized onboarding package to help them get the most out of the system and increase sales. You get access to a named implementation consultant, account manager and our expert support team. And, if you need more help, consider our professional services, where we do all the work and you get the results.

How am I charged?

Our contracts are on an annual basis. You can pay monthly via Credit Card or Direct Debit or annually via bank transfer.

What do you base your pricing on?

Our pricing is based on website activity (monthly page views), not web impressions or email opens. This means you can use the purchased solutions as often as you like – the monthly costs remain the same.

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