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Expert consulting and services to help you succeed.

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Expert consulting and services to help you succeed.

Consulting & Services Overview

While our user-friendly platform makes it possible for customers to take a do-it-yourself approach, we also have a team of experts ready to help you maximise your return on investment. Our experienced team will help you determine a project roadmap as well as having the skills and knowledge to deliver projects and initiatives for you.

Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Need to optimise your abandonment strategies, build new marketing automations based VIPs or find strategies to reactivate lapsed customers? Let us work with you to identify key customer journeys, behaviors and segments, so that we can build the right automations, optimisations and personalisations to delight your customers and prioritise based on your business goals.

Technical Consulting & Implementation

Need help and advice with technical integrations, how to surface behavioral data to make it usable or simply want us to get you up and running? We've already worked with over 300 customers and have the experience and technical knowledge to make our platform a seamless component within your ecommerce infrastructure.

Fufillment & Managed Services

Want some help determining the design and layout for your new website optimizations and marketing automations? Our consultants will help advise on layout whilst our designers can build and deploy creative across multiple channels for you.

Engineering & Integration Services

So you've got an award winning idea, but it requires something bespoke and you need a new report and data export to make it work? No problem. Let our engineering team build a solution for you that precisely meets your needs, whilst providing the data you need for additional integrations and reporting.

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