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The Fresh Relevance platform seamlessly integrates with key marketing applications including e-commerce, email marketing, recommendation engines, call center, CRM, and supports both the W3C data layer and the Universal Variable data layer as well as key plug-ins from partners such as Magento. The platform can import data from these external systems for use in cross-channel personalization programs. Additionally, the platform can export, through the “firehose” capability, detailed behavioral and transactional data to other marketing systems, databases and tools.

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Intelligent data collection & coordination

Fresh Relevance integrates customer data across systems in real time to provide a holistic view of customer behavior, allowing marketers to engage them contextually with appropriate messages and offers. The platform automatically collects details from the customer including their purchases and behaviors to build and update the product and transaction databases in support of marketing initiatives. The “secret sauce” behind the platform, Fresh Relevance’s innovative data collection and coordination capability provides marketers with actionable intelligence to effectively personalize, as well as optimize, the customer journey.

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Interaction tools

With an array of tools to apply to customer data, Fresh Relevance makes it easy for marketers to do their jobs.  Digital personalization tools allow marketers to personalize web, email, social and mobile interactions without relying on web designers or IT. The delivery of real-time content ensures the marketer is responding to the customer immediately and appropriately. This helps shoppers find what they want quickly, reducing the likelihood they will abandon before purchase.  Automation reduces the time spent by the marketer and enables the platform and tools to execute based on the marketer’s direction. Robust targeting and segmentation capabilities empower marketers to blend behavioral, transactional and 3rd party data, identify segments and target them with relevant content. Triggered messages, which are initiated by an individual’s activity, not as part of a scheduled send, allow marketers to send content that is topical and transient to further personalize the customer experience.

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Channels allow marketers to engage with customers, they are a way to interact and communicate. As customers move from channel to channel, they expect the marketing to move with them having both context and history of their interactions. The customer isn’t thinking about channels per se, they are thinking about what they want to buy, getting information, solving a problem, etc. and they are engaging through the mode most convenient at a particular point in time. Marketers need to be where their customers are and Fresh Relevance understands this dynamic providing the tools marketers need to engage with contextually and historically relevant information wherever the customer is.

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Fresh Relevance collects vast amounts of data about customers, products and transactions.  The platform can read live prices and product availability in real-time and integrates person, product, transaction, third party, offline and marketing system data. The platform’s data tools feature Firehose, for bulk export of transaction data to CRM, analytic platforms and other marketing applications, and Segment Builder, which allows users to drill down into massive amounts of data to create and target precision segments for marketing initiatives. Split-Testing (A/B Testing) capabilities facilitate content optimization.

Fresh Relevance provides many real-time and historic reports to monitor and evaluate marketing programs.  The featured ROI report enables marketers to immediately see the effectiveness of their tactics and campaigns and share that information with management quickly and easily.

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Digital personalization tools

Personalize the customer experience across web, email and mobile without relying on web designers or IT. Through our industry unique SmartBlocks and marketing rules, we empower marketers to deliver customized content to customers based their interests or actions, time/date, brand of product, etc. The content and rules can be changed quickly and easily through the user interface by the marketer in real-time.

A SmartBlock is a piece of real-time, personalized content created to engage customers along their journey. They use industry standard HTML and CSS and can be used on web pages and in emails. We offer templates to help users execute quickly.  Examples include banner ads, coupons, countdown timers and product recommendations.

Marketing rules define how SmartBlocks are used in various channels. Slot Rules can show different SmartBlocks for different types of shoppers, time/date range, brand of product, etc. These rules can be changed quickly and easily and enable the marketer to personalize the interaction.

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The Fresh Relevance Platform

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