Apteco FastStats® and Fresh Relevance Integartion

Apteco FastStats® Integration

Data exploration, analysis and visualisation software.

Apteco FastStats® users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Select and export the results you want and Fresh Relevance will quickly personalize your marketing to match.
  • Unify siloed data to create rich customer profiles
  • Deliver consistent content across channels
  • Test and optimize tactics with multivariable A/B tests

Uncover the marketing tactics that truly resonate with each individual 

With Fresh Relevance and Apteco FastStats®, you can combine behavioral and transactional customer data from your website, with their interactions with your marketing emails and physical stores. 

Benefit from rich insights on shopping preferences and buying habits to see the unique shopper. Machine learning and advanced segmentation allow you to understand the tactics that will resonate most with the individual and to execute them seamlessly across channels. The result? Boosted revenue and loyalty.

Data at your fingertips

Quickly and easily implement Fresh Relevance with just a few clicks. You can integrate Apteco FastStats® transactional and behavioral online and offline data with any other marketing platform and enrich your systems with the data you collect in Fresh Relevance.