Maxemail by Emailcenter Integration

Boost the potential of your Fresh Relevance platform.

Real-Time Email Marketing for Maxemail by Emailcenter

Maxemail enables you to connect to external data sources and streamline your email marketing process to create personal, relevant and timely campaigns. Emailcenter works with Fresh Relevance to send highly-advanced emails, using an extensive range of powerful tools, designed to make your life easier.

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Cross-Channel Personalization

Align your marketing across all channels, to make sure your customers receive congruent personalized communications, across email, mobile and web, that keep them coming back.

Creative content personalized to each individual customer appears across all channels to stop you losing sales.

Live Email Content

Use real-time data and tools to quickly target customers and send out triggered emails including Cart and Browse Abandon and Post-Purchase. Give your customers a real-time relevant experience with Fresh Relevance contextual marketing tools, including:

  • Location-based targeting
  • Weather based content
  • Image Personalization (banners)
  • Countdown Timers

Social Media Marketing

Fresh Relevance and Maxemail provide integrations for three of the most popular Social Media channels; Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Put your social media posts to good use by pulling them through in real-time to your emails and web pages, to further engage your customers and increase interaction.


Go beyond split A/B testing and measure the performance of multiple A/B/C/D/E content choices. Use the multivariate testing tool to test different elements and variations of your emails and web content to create a final version based on the winning outcome.

Optimize your personalized customer experience to ensure maximum engagement and conversion using:

  • AB testing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Revenue tracking
  • Product activity
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Fresh Relevance is the comprehensive personalization platform for digital marketers that drives revenue and loyalty by delivering a targeted cross-channel customer experience. Powered by real-time data and machine learning, Fresh Relevance seamlessly works with the existing martech stack, unifies siloed data and tracks all customer behavior. Providing unique, actionable insights into each shopper, the platform helps select the most relevant tactics from an unrivalled range of digital marketing tools to guide customers along their journey across channels and devices.


About Maxemail by Emailcenter

Emailcenter are a leading email service provider offering the technology and expertise to implement best in class email marketing programmes. 

Their email marketing solutions are all branded under the Maxemail umbrella. The Maxemail technology platform for managing the delivery, targeting and analytics of email marketing has been entirely developed in-house.