11 Exciting Examples of Navigation Bars with Dynamic Content

The navigation bar serves as a guide for users to easily find what they are looking for, just like a map. When customers first visit your website, the navigation bar is the first tool they engage with to locate specific products or categories. If your visitor’s journey isn’t friendly and helpful, the frustration could result in site abandonment. For this reason, creating a navigation bar that is both helpful and engaging is paramount to the customer journey.

A growing trend in navigation bar optimization is the inclusion of dynamic and personalized content.

Gone are the days of the boring and impersonal drop down menus. Now, brands are utilizing the coveted drop down space by adding relevant and engaging dynamic personalized content that showcase product recommendations, special offers, and much more.

Here are a few examples of Dynamic Content Navigation Bars that we think really hit the mark.

1) Marshalls Seeds

Marshall Seeds provide Product Recommendations in each category of their navigation bars. The product recommendations showcase relevant products with prices and “buy now” CTAs, providing a well-intended starting point for browsing visitors.

Marshall Seeds using Fresh Relevance Product Recommendations in navigation


2) Toys R Us

Toys R Us use Social Proof with a Best Seller Product Recommendation in the corresponding category. The image is easy to spot and a great way to provide “most-popular” insight around a specific item.

Toys R Us social proof navigation personalization example


3) Swoon Editions - Best Of

Swoon Editions showcases the 5 most popular product recommendations within their sofa category. Crisp clean design with pricing and brand name catches your attention and helps you get started in your search for sofa perfection.

Swoon product recommendations in navigation


4) Net-a-porter

Net-a-porter, similarly to Swoon Editions, offer a selection of products but here they are called the “editor’s pick”. Expert guidance from the Editor lends a more personal tone to these product recommendations. The images can be switched out by the editor each week or month. How exciting!

Net-a-porter dynamic product recommendations in navigation


5) Matchesfashion.com

Matchesfashion.com showcases product recommendations as new arrivals in their “Just In” category. Their navigation bar also provides different content categories - such as links to their editorial content reports and an independent shop drop-down menu. Each category provides engaging and relevant content to draw the viewer deeper into the website.

Matchesfashion.com product recs in navigation


6) Walmart

Walmart adds product offers and showcases items to their categories. Using tools like the Fresh Relevance Dynamic SmartBlocks, these offers and images can be easily and automatically personalized to an individual’s buying behavior or to a specific promotion.

Walmart Product Offer in navigation bar


New ideas for your navigation:

7) Coupon

Put in a Coupon, that can even be personalized, to drive urgency towards a specific offer or for customers who have recently been browsing items/categories on your website.

Fresh Relevance Personalized Coupon in Navigation


8) Last Carted Items

An even more personalized approach is to provide cart abandon information in the navigation bar to encourage return customers to take action and complete a purchase.

Fresh Relevance Personalized Navigation with recentlyCarted Products


9) Countdown Timer

You could also place a Countdown Timer into your navigation bar for creating urgency around making a purchase. E.g. offering 10% off of the customer’s next purchase if they order within 24 hours.

Fresh Relevance Countdown Timer in Navigation bar


10) Social Media

Placing your Social Media into your "Contact" or "Community" tab in the navigation bar is a great way to increase engagement and let your customers connect with you on a more personal level.

Fresh Relevance real-time Instagram feed in navigation bar


11) Name Personalization

And finally, use a simple Name Personalized Banner to say hi to your returning customers.

Fresh Relevance Name Personalization in navigation bar


Fresh Relevance functionality allows you to show static content for every visitor, or personalized content tailored to each individual. You can even combine approaches based on visitor behavior.

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