2016 Highlights - Fresh Relevance Enhancements, Stats and Case Studies

2016 was a very successful year for both Fresh Relevance and our clients. Over the year, we made countless improvements to our Marketing Hub. Month on month we made simple changes to make our system even easier to use, as well as adding a whole bunch of new features. Here are our key highlights:

In Q1 of 2016 we saw:

In Q2 of 2016 we saw: 

  • The Segment Builder was launched, which allows the creation and export of “segments” 
  • The ability to target Facebook Adverts to people such as your best customers was implemented – as well as the option to advertise to a much wider audience by targeting other people similar to them
  • Increased slot rules for browsed, purchased and abandoned product IDs
  • New ROI report function which monitors: total sales uplift, sales uplift, SmartBlock conversion rates and average order value
  • Launched help videos and made improvements to the marketing site

In Q3 of 2016 we saw:

  • Three new features were launched:
  • Split Testing in which you compare two or more alternatives and use a percentage slider to control what proportion of users will see each SmartBlock

  • Weather Rule which selects content for your users based on the weather at their current location, or a location that they are traveling to

  • Weather SmartBlock, which is an actual visible weather forecast picture, to include in any email or web page

  • Additionally, new videos were added to the video library
  • Our Pinterest and Instagram SmartBlocks were launched

In Q4 of 2016 we saw: 

Over the course of 2016 the average Fresh Relevance client doing Cart and Browse Abandonment emails made £107K extra sales for each £1M of turnover (including £27K from Cart Abandon emails and £80K from Browse Abandon emails.) 

We also produced several compelling Case Studies highlighting how our customers are using Fresh Relevance to increase engagement and ROI. Check out our 2016 case studies below:




“The triggered emails account for approximately 6% of all direct revenue from the email channel and most of this revenue is incremental."

Developed a series of triggered emails that are live all year round. To capitalize on seasonal periods they've also introduced Countdown Timers, which add a sense of urgency to their email communications; especially important in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas to ensure customers know the cut-off dates for deliveries.

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“Compared to our bulk emails, our abandonment emails have an open rate that is 333% higher, as well as a 1000% increase in click-through rates. Since we launched with Fresh Relevance we have added 14% to our email revenues and we expect to add an impressive 18% to our email profits in the following year.” 

A personalized email is automatically sent to a customer 30 minutes after a cart has been abandoned, reminding them of the products that remain in their basket and inviting them to "check out". With the Cart Abandonment program working well the team has taken the opportunity to further strengthen customer engagement with the use of Animated Countdown Timers, as well as plans afoot to introduce browse abandonment. 

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“With Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks we have placed control of marketing into the hands of the marketing team. Now, what once took days can be done instantaneously.” 

Has been working with Fresh Relevance since 2013, when they introduced a hugely successful cart and browse abandonment programme that achieved a 957% return on investment. They're now taking full advantage of Fresh Relevance’s innovative range of new dynamic, real-time SmartBlocks to improve visitor engagement and drive online sales; including the use of Countdown Timers and Social Proof. 

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Orlebar Brown

“Since the addition of product recommendations, we have achieved a healthy sales uplift of 6.59%.”

Customers receive an email 30 minutes after they have abandoned their shopping basket and again after 24 hours if they have not returned to complete their order. The team is now looking to take their customer email communications to the next level, through the introduction of Countdown Timers.

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“We found the conversion rate for those who received the email was nearly double that of those who had no email.”

Weird Fish was introduced to triggered messaging experts, Fresh Relevance, and its cart abandonment solution via the website of its email service provider – dotMailer. To assess the performance of its new cart abandon strategy, the team conducted an A/B test, whereby 50% of customers who abandoned their carts received a triggered email and 50% were not sent a message.

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Tap Warehouse

“Working collaboratively with Fresh Relevance we conducted a test which recorded an impressive 60% improvement in click-to-open rate, but more it also resulted in a 43% conversion rate uplift!"

Now sends approximately 2,000 abandonment emails per month (a customer receives an initial email after 30 minutes for an abandoned cart and an hour after a browse session), achieving an impressive 50% - 60% open rate. They expect to raise this rate even more and are continually testing to improve their open and conversion rates.

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“With an average order value of £120 we have increased our turnover by an additional £51k per month, with the help of Fresh Relevance.”

Saw an opportunity to make major improvements to how they approached cross-channel customer engagement, both via email and online. Sent 9,495 cart abandonment emails which resulted in 2,279 return visits and 107 orders. An additional 34,421 browse abandonment emails were sent which resulted in 2,785 visits and 27 orders. Recommendations in marketing emails resulted in 37,422 opens and 295 orders.

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“At least 4% of our weekly sales revenues can be directly attributed to our abandonment activity, which in 2016 represents an average sales uplift of 7.2%,"

Customers receive an email 30 minutes after they have abandoned their shopping basket and again after 24 hours, if they have not returned to complete their order. The team is now looking to take their customer email communications to the next level, through the introduction of Countdown Timers. 

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