3 Examples of why Cross-Channel Personalization is Important

There are a myriad of ways you engage with your customers. You send emails, reach out to them on your website and automate communications to keep them interested. But what happens when all these communications are inconsistent and don’t join up? The customer’s journey becomes broken, which consequently damages your relationship with them.

This isn’t a problem that you have to endure! You can align your marketing across channels, to make sure your customers receive congruent personalized communications that keep them coming back.

Creative content personalized to each individual customer appears across channels to stop you losing those precious sales! No matter where they choose to engage, be it reading your emails on their phone or browsing your website on their laptop, we can recognize them and show them what they need to see. Here’s a few examples of cross channel personalization in action:

1. Cross-Channel Coupons

A Coupon can be one of your best incentives, by showing the same personalized coupon to a customer across web and email, they won’t forget about it and will be more likely to make a purchase.

2. Cross-Channel Product Recommendations

Crowd sourced and personalized recommendations based on browse and purchase history can show a customer the stuff they like everywhere they engage with you, so they don’t get deterred from making a purchase by seeing products they aren’t interested in.

3. Cross-Channel Cart Widget

Don’t miss a chance to help customers return to their cart. Having their cart widget in their emails means they can always see they have items to purchase, no matter what kind of email you send.

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06/22/2016 Product Info