6 Ways to Split Test your Web Page and Email Content

Split Testing, also known as A:B Testing, is a popular method of market research, which makes it quick, simple and affordable to optimize website and email content for the best results.

We’ve put together a list of the best features to Split Test to help you get started on optimizing your website and emails. This can all be done using the Fresh Relevance Split Testing tool!

1. Popovers

People always wonder if their Popovers are working as well as they could be. Or if they are working at all! Try it yourself and see - change when they load, the wording used, or the purpose of the Popover (try adding an incentive to one?). See if the bounce rate reduces, or subscription rate increases!


2. Banners

Banners are always an important feature to have on your website, and the choice is almost endless - how do you know which will work best and drive the most engagement? This is where the Fresh Relevance Split Testing features comes above all others; you can Split Test to your heart's content. For example, show 10% of visitors Banner A, 10% Banner B, 10% Banner C and so on. Monitor the success using the Fresh Relevance ROI Report, and easily determine which banner was the most successful - and show that banner to 100% of visitors.


3. Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations can be Split Tested to see which variations of recommendations should be used. Should you recommend products based on the customers' recently browsed products? Recently purchased? Trending products? Or just general top selling products?



4. Coupons

Coupons are a massively important part of any retail website, and it's vital to know which coupons work best for your customers. Try out different positioning of coupons, different coupons themselves, and even try having no coupons whatsoever; see which page drives most sales.


5. Weather

Try sending out 1 email with and 1 without a Weather Forecast attached. If you want to be really exciting try adding the Weather Slot Rule and show weather based Product Recommendations too!


6. Countdown Timers

Throughout a period of time, try using different Countdown Timers on your pages. Vary who sees countdowns to birthdays, certain events (like Mother’s or Father’s Day), countdowns to sales or countdowns to next day delivery. Monitor which was the most successful, and run that countdown on every page!


Advanced Information

We give you two main ways to compare content:

  • Split Test rules that show each content variation to a percentage of shoppers and
  • time rules that show each variation for a different time period.

Time rules are most useful when you need to synchronize lots of little content changes. In either case, you run the test, check the reported results, and use the winning variation in future.

A final bonus is that you don't need to compare like-with-like. For example, you could compare a coupon against a Banner, or a Countdown Timer against a Weather Forecast. So let your creativity flow!


Request a demo with one of our team to discover for yourself just how easy Split Testing really is!


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