7 Fantastic Mother’s Day Email Campaigns

Set on the fourth Sunday of Lent, each year, Mother’s Day comes early to the UK (the second earliest just after Sweden) forcing marketers into a mad dash between Valentine’s Day and the Easter craze. Unlike other countries such as the US, where they celebrate “Mom” on the second Sunday of May or Hungary where “Anya” is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

Interestingly, most countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May (see worldwide map), and in the US, Mother’s Day is considered the third largest retail holiday of the year.

Brands, with no time to spare, keep shoppers interested by offering special promotions geared towards “showing mum love” that is delivered on time and is the biggest bang for their buck. US and UK companies try hard to lure Mother’s Day customers with all sorts of online marketing tactics. The most common offers are free shipping (55%), price cuts (44%), and coupons (41%).

According to Flying Saucer, email subject lines that begin with "Mother's Day" have a 16% higher email engagement rate, and those emails that incorporate emotional language have 21.5% higher open rates during the weeks leading up to Mother's Day.

Here we collected 7 of our favorite Mother’s Day email examples to inspire you:

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1) Bravery

Want the customer to choose your product rather than a competitor's? Use them as a “bad example”. A really strong and cheeky way of marketing from Harvey Nichols, but definitely stands out from the crowd! We loved it.

cheeky but effective email marketing example

2) Counting down

Placing a Countdown Timer into your email can increase urgency and therefore encourages to buy. Whistlefish used a Fresh Relevance Countdown Timer for their beautifully designed Mother’s Day offer. 

Whistlefish Countdown Mother's Day email

3) Unique design

Using the word “mom” with your advertised products around is a really uniquely creative approach and we love the design from Mill!

Mill nice design Mother's Day email example

4) Product Recommendations

Thorntons recommends different products with Fresh Relevance Product Recommendations based on previous behavior to help find the right match with the customer’s taste in their email.

Thorntons Product Recommendations Mother's Day email example

5) Using real people

Why not put "real moms" in your ads? Goodwood may or may not have included a real-life mom in their ad, but this example highlights the idea of including real-world moms in your visual content. Showing real people in marketing photos is an emotionally effective way to stand out from the millions of staged or stock artificial photos.

GOODWOOD using real peson in Mother's Day email example

6) Next day delivery

Delivery arrivals are always a worry for customers, especially when something special is happening such as Mother’s Day. Promising next day delivery can make the customer feel more convinced about ordering from you. And even better, when it comes in a stylish way like Jo Malone did here.

Jo Malone next day delivery offer for Mother's Day

7) Free meal for moms

Table Table offers a free meal for moms after 4 pm. Is that something to miss? I don’t think so!

Free meal for mom offer Mother's Day email

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