7 Features to use for Daily and Hourly Deals Promotions

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is looming on November 24, which can only mean one thing to marketers - it’s almost Black Friday!


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Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and since 1932 has marked the first day of the Holiday shopping season. However, this year Amazon has seriously changed the game, officially launching its “Black Friday” sales site on Tuesday 1st November, with hourly deals running up until Thursday 22nd December – a total of 52 days of sales! This means the Holiday Season has started even earlier than it has in previous years. For a real-world client example of Black Friday hourly deals, read our case study: How 7dayshop.com won Black Friday.

So, how do you compete with a company like this? Well the answer is simple… if you can’t beat them, join them! Do your own daily and hourly deals this Holiday Season.

With Fresh Relevance, you can set up real-time email and web campaigns based on your own Customized Rules and visitor data to personalize the shopper's experience, and fill your website with dynamic, appealing, daily and hourly deals.


7 Features to use for Daily and Hourly Deals Promotions

(1) Use real-time Banners and rules to serve fresh deals daily or hourly on your website and at the point of open in emails. Serve deals to viewers who have been browsing specific categories and products. (2) Countdown Timers can be set to end and reset hourly or daily. (3) Social Proof provides an added element of persuasion. (4) Custom Coupon codes can be inserted and served across channels. (5) Product Recommendations serve the most relevant content based on previous browse and transactional behavior or machine learning rules. 


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Web page and email examples of daily and hourly deals


(6) Email Address Capture Forms can overlay on your website using custom rules to draw attention to your deals promotion while also adding valuable email addresses to your database. (7) Additionally, use the Fresh Relevance Segment Builder to segment your viewers and customers based on their browse and transaction behavior. Use this list in your social media and search campaigns such as Facebook Audiences and AdWords. For example - use Segment Builder to create a list of your customers who have been browsing TVs on your website, then serve relevant Facebook ads to those customers on the day you have a TV promotion by uploading the list to Facebook Advert and Custom Audience.


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email address capture form and segment builder example

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