7 Inspiring Easter Email Campaigns

In Western Christianity (using the Gregorian calendar) Easter always falls on a Sunday between 22 March and 25 April, within about seven days after the astronomical full moon.

However, did you know that Australia, because of its southern hemisphere location, celebrates it in autumn? 

No matter which particular date it’s celebrated, the Easter holidays are one of the biggest retail holidays and another “perfect excuse” for businesses to get more people engaged with their brands. Marketers are doing their best in all sorts of different ways both on and offline to lure customers into purchases in all sectors. At this time of the year, finding the perfect online advertising method can be really challenging for eCommerce companies.

“There’s no “one size fits all” approach to engaging consumers during this period”, instead “brands must leverage the observed insight that online advertising can offer to serve shoppers with the right message at the right time – on whichever device they choose to shop on.”  Phuong Nguyen, Director of eBay Advertising in the UK

As Phuong Nguyen said; sending the right message at the right time is crucial. Therefore we, at Fresh Relevance, have put together 6 great email examples. For the full email please click on each image.

1) Egg hunt game

Sunuva made an egg hunting game for their customers for Easter. Hunting for hidden eggs on product pages, which means an extra 20% off of a collection is a great idea to get customers active and engaged. What a fun way of shopping, I wouldn’t wanna miss it for sure!


Amazing egg hunt game in Sunuva Easter email

2) “Behind the scenes”

People are always interested in a little sneak peak of their beloved brand’s latest products. Thorntons encouraged their readers to take action and buy from them through inviting them to be the very first people to see this year’s Easter chocolate eggs.


Thornthons sneak peak Easter email

3) Amazing design

We simply love Only Design’s really clean, beautiful design for their Easter email with chocolate eggs.

Amazing design for Easter email by Only Design

4) Easter sale

7dayshop advertised a temporary Easter sale on all items in their email. They used a Fresh Relevance Coupon with a code to be redeemed for the discount.

7dayshop Easter sale email


5) Counting down until end of offer

A great way to really encourage customers for taking action (=purchase) is giving them a time limit. Thorntons is using a Fresh Relevance Countdown Timer in the Easter email.

Fresh Relevance Countdown Timer in Eater email by Thorntons

6) Rewarding the loyal ones

Loyal customers are one of the favorites of every business. Rewarding them is a great thing to keep them engaged at special occasions. Here is a simple and clear message of giving 20% off for loyal customers at the Easter period. 

Rewarding loyal customers Easter email

7) “Eggcellent” quiz

Put your chocolate box together by finding your special selections based on the chocolatery combinations quiz. Graze used a really effective way of getting people engaged.

Eggcelent fun quiz Easter email by Graze


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