7dayshop.com gets 6% more Sales from Cart Abandonment Emails

The business case for sending Cart Abandonment Recovery emails is really quite simple, if you run a web store on one of the ever-increasing list of eCommerce platforms supported by Fresh Relevance.

  1. The benefit is a permanent increase in sales,
  2. The cost is a few minutes doing setup and a Subscription to Fresh Relevance if you like the results of a free 30-day trial.
  3. You just compare cost vs benefit, for your business. Seriously - do it today.

But what is this increase in sales?

For 7dayshop.com, the subjects of this case study, the immediate gain was 6%. Which was just the start - it subsequently rose much higher, as the Fresh Relevance system identified more shoppers and the 7dayshop team used it in more sophisticated ways.

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Since being founded in 1998, 7dayshop has become an established online seller of photography, digital and computer products. We deliver our products to over a million happy customers. Our dedicated team of professional buyers have years of experience sourcing the best products for the best prices. This is the cornerstone of 7dayshop and is something we passionately believe in.

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Fresh Relevance empowers digital marketers to increase online sales and build long-term customer loyalty through right-time, data-driven web, mobile and email personalization with predictable ROI.

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11/07/2012 Case Studies