8 Best Cart and Browse Abandon Emails and Why We Love Them

So you're running a successful eCommerce store. You've figured out your eCommerce platform, organized your marketing, got a good level of traffic, and are sending regular emails to keep in touch with your customers.

However, you could still be missing out on a huge number of lost sales. Why? Through shopping Cart and Browse Abandonment. (See our case study on how Weird Fish doubled their conversion rates using Fresh Relevance Cart Abandon Emails)

Customers might not intend on abandoning their cart!

Customers often abandon their purchase without initially intending to, for example, because they got distracted and forgot. However, some Cart Abandonment is done intentionally; because the process was complicated or because they were only ever "window shopping" in the first place. Here are few of our favorite Cart and Browse Abandon emails to help you win back what you thought were lost customers:

First, let's look at Browse Abandonment Emails

1. Jessops 

Add previously viewed products to a Browse Abandon email to ensure the customer can pick up from where they left off. With this email, the real-time Personalized Banner changes automatically based on the customer's browsing history - in this case, the customer viewed Nikon cameras and so a Nikon Personalized Banner was generated. We also love how they have included the star ratings and the choice to read reviews in the email. It adds an element of Social Proof to encourage the purchase. The bold call to actions stand out and there is a number to call if you have any questions.

2. Emma Bridgewater 

Emma Bridgewater takes it up a notch with the ratings and reviews element by including an actual snapshot of the review. With more dispensable goods, this is a great way to encourage your buyer to make quick decisions and this element of Social Proof will go a long way to increasing cart expenditure.
We also love how the content opens to a wider audience and addresses the fact that you may not just be buying something for someone else but for yourself too. The image use and text that complements this, encourages you to scroll down and see what is yet to come. "Yes, I want to know!"


3. WhistleFish

Not only is this email aesthetically pleasing, it's simple and straight to the point, whilst still including all the information needed in a Browse Abandon email. The use of the pre-header text creates a sense of urgency, and of course this is really important when viewing the email on mobile. The content in the body of the email is also subtle but to the point. We love the fact that they have included their USPs in the email; we often forget to showcase and emphasise just why customers should buy from you.

4. Crate & Barrel

You can't go wrong with a bold, large heading, especially when it's a compliment, like Crate & Barrel have done with "You've got great taste". A simple new products Personalized Banner can go a long way, especially if items didn't make the cut.



Now, here are some Cart Abandonment Emails

1. Moss Bros.

We love the carefully crafted pre-header "Still on your mind" - YES! The copy in the hero image is subtle but to the point. What really stands out about the Moss Bros. is the use of a Personalised Banner in the hero image. You know my name, and you've made good use of it and created a sense of urgency too. 

We love how they have added the "You may also like" Product Recommendation section. Not only are they trying to get you to complete your purchase, they want you to add to your purchase by adding personalized real-time Product Recommendations based on your browsing and purchase history. The email also has two very clear calls-to-actions and makes it clear which payments they accept - so you have as minimal confusion when checking out as possible.

2. Michael Kors

Simple but effective, this email grabs your attention straight away and gets right to the point. The content header in the hero image also forces you to scroll down to see what exactly you have forgotten. Clever!

3. Black Milk Clothing

Everyone can get guilt tripped by a cute puppy, even if the company itself has nothing to do with dogs! This email really grabs your attention with bold statements like "Where'd you go?!" and "Why did you leave me?!". The guilt trip continues with "That gear in your cart is lonely :(" and "To save the day, click here".

4. Monsoon

Not only is this email visually attractive, it offers very clear calls-to-actions to take you exactly where you want to go. You have the option (twice) to "Complete your Order" but have the additional option to "Continue Shopping". We also love the enlarged social icons screaming out to us to join that social circle.

Fresh Relevance offers a variety of tools and features to help you build relevant and revenue generating Cart and Browse Abandonment email programs. For more information on the Fresh Relevance platform and our Triggered email features & tools, please don't hesitate to contact us, today.

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