How to Automatically Recommend Products Based on Local Weather

Do you have products that become especially relevant with certain weather? Maybe you need to promote cold weather clothing in a cold snap, umbrellas if it’s raining or maybe (hopefully) there is a sudden heat wave and you need to promote make-up containing sun protection. Well Fresh Relevance is here to help!

What is Weather Targeted Content?

Weather targeted content is a new Fresh Relevance feature ("Slot Rule") to show content to your users based on the weather at their current location, or a location that they are travelling to. The Weather Rule takes a shopper’s country and either their postcode/zip code or city, gets the local weather forecast, and uses this to select the most appropriate content to show them.

How Could it be Used?

A great example of using the Weather Rule is for Product Recommendations.

Simply enter the conditions the weather has to meet (for example, sunny and above 20ºC), and select the particular content you want the person viewing your email or webpage to see. This can be any kind of content, not just product recommendations, but Fresh Relevance Product Recommendations is a beautiful example as you can very easily select the products for any “weather-relevant” recommendations.

Likewise, you can set the rule so that if the conditions are raining and below 10ºC, a different SmartBlock will be shown:

You have the option to select any of the following weather conditions, as well as whether the weather should be above, or below a certain temperature, and whether that temperature is in Celsius or Fahrenheit:

  • Any
  • Sunny/Clear
  • Clouds
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Thunderstorm

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08/11/2016 Product Info