Drive Revenue With This Cross-Channel Instagram Integration Campaign

Today, more than 500 million users post in excess of 95 million Instagram images every day. Many retailers host their own Instagram pages, and the Fresh Relevance Instagram SmartBlock is a powerful tool to help these brands increase social engagement, brand loyalty and sales conversions. 

With our live Instagram SmartBlocks, you can now drive revenue and real-time engagement using Instagram in your emails and web pages. Use Instagram SmartBlocks to instantly update product recommendations in real-time, across channels. Take a look at our example integration campaign (click image to enlarge):


Ella using Fresh Relevance Instagram SmartBlocks


1) Instagram Page

2) Insert SmartBlocks into Emails and Pages 

     3) Click through to buy!

Ella Fashion uses Instagram to share images of curated looks combined from several products.

The Instagram SmartBlocks, located in the email and web page, pull in Ella's latest posts from the Instagram feed on the left, in real-time. Each product image clicks through to the Instagram page.

Clicking a product in the SmartBlock takes the shopper to the corresponding Instagram page by default, from where they can go to the URL of a matching product or "buy the look" page. (Pinterest SmartBlocks are more flexible and shoppers can click-through to the product page directly.)

Instagram SmartBlocks are easily customizable to your own brand and are readily pasted into emails or web pages. We've used two different versions above, but you could save work by using the same version for both. For more details, check out our how-to blog.

Using the Fresh Relevance Instagram SmartBlock provides the freedom and convenience to add direct revenue to your Instagram engagement while creating captivating Real-Time Product Recommendations within your Personalized Emails and Web Pages.

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