How to Show A Local Weather Forecast To Influence Shopping Behaviour

The Weather is a major factor that influences shopping behavior and it does this in different ways:

  1. Some products become more in demand with certain weather conditions, "The sun is out, quick go buy a new BBQ!"
  2. Shoppers behavior changes with the weather, "Darn it’s cold today. I’m not going into town. I’ll stay at home and buy online".

Example of tomorrow's weather forecast - live from Venice, Italy - click through for webcam

Venice weather forecast for tomorrow

Fresh Relevance recently announced Weather Targeted Content. Hot off that release, Fresh Relevance now provides another type of weather based content - an actual visual weather forecast that can be used in any email or web page.  If you are interested in Weather Based Targeting, this feature will add weight to any weather based content that you are using.

And it’s not just for retailers. Travel Marketers can include the forecast in countdown emails for a customer's holiday, to engage them prior to their trip and make them think about purchasing things now.

Fresh Relevance Weather Forecasts are very easy to set up for use in both emails and on your website, to show the individual the weather forecast near them, or the forecast for where they are travelling.

You are in full control of how the weather forecast is presented, so you can create beautiful weather forecasts which match your branding.

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08/11/2016 Product Info