Split Testing: Which SmartBlock Performs Better?

Take the guesswork out of website and email optimization with the new Fresh Relevance Split Testing feature. Use hard data and revenue to select the best content - Product Recommendations, Countdown Timers, Banners, Coupons or many more.

There are lots of ways to use Split Testing (also called A:B Testing or Multivariate Testing)

Split Test Your New Marketing

Here is an example of a Split Test Rule. You compare two or more alternative pieces of content, using percentage sliders to control how many shoppers see each of them. (Read more about how to conduct a Split Test here).


Click View Report to see which content is receiving the most click throughs and/or conversions, and then reset the sliders so the winning SmartBlock is shown 100% of the time.

A good example is comparing several product recommendations, with different data rules, to see which types of product appeal most to your shoppers. Or you can compare a Countdown Timer vs. a Weather Forecast, or different Coupons. The choices are endless.

Back-Stop your Refreshed Marketing

Another great use of our Split Testing is when you refresh your marketing every few months. Split Test your new marketing content against the old version, and only continue with the new content if it gets better results.. 

And Defend Against Hippos!

Sometimes your local Hippo (Highest Paid Person in the Office) comes up with some crazy marketing idea that might just work but probably won't. Split Testing means you can try it on a small percentage of your shoppers, instead of everyone. Then you drop it if the results are bad, or use it widely if the thing works. Your Hippo will be delighted to take credit for the successes.

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08/25/2016 Product Info