Revenue from cart and browse abandonment emails increased 257% by switching to Fresh Relevance were executing cart abandonment emails via an integration with their ESP, ExactTarget, and their eCommerce store, Magento. This meant that their cart abandonment emails emails were only being sent once every 24 hours and it was not possible to include product information in emails that could be clicked to return to the product on

Fresh Relevance’s Silver subscription was deployed, giving real-time tracking of web behavior and real-time sending of cart and browse abandonment emails, with full control over how product data was used in these programs. The level of personalisation in triggered emails was greatly increased. The results were dramatic...

"We are experiencing the highest ROI from our use of Fresh Relevance that we have ever seen from any new initiative at Nothing that we have implemented worked so impressively and so quickly" - Jon Grail, Email Marketing Manager

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Fresh Relevance sends real-time, cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails to the customers of your ecommerce store. The emails are personalised, including product pictures and links back to your store, making it simple for lapsed customers to return and buy. We also provide real-time data feeds to personalize your regular emails and Web pages, real-time analytics to target your marketing better, and extensive real-time reports.

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Founded in London, 2007 by husband and wife duo, Alex Theophanous and Alexa Till, AlexandAlexa aims to bring “The World’s Best Kids Brands” to other discerning parents at the click of a button. So whether you’re after traditional wear, functional casual clothing, specialised sportswear or luxury gifts, you need look no further for perfectly chic yet practical pieces both you and the little ones will love!

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10/24/2013 Case Studies