Revolutionize Your Campaigns With Holiday Season Marketing

Tills are ringing, marketers’ singing, the holiday season is upon us - and it can’t come soon enough! The holiday season between 31 October and 4 January is the climax of the retail calendar.  All hands on deck - engines running on all cylinders - full steam ahead! Are You Ready? Ride with us this winter to make the most out of your festive marketing! 

The Holiday Season in Retail Perspective

For some retailers, the holiday season represents as much as 30% of annual sales, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday bringing in the most traffic, both cyber and foot. 2015 US ecommerce sales in November and December rose more than 13%, according to estimates from the Internet Analytics company. The single biggest year-over-year increase for ecommerce sales was on 23 December when Adobe measured a 56% growth rate. Would you like to be the next one?

We have the elixir to boost your sales like never before!

While we do not have a magic ball to confidently proclaim 2016 a holiday season success for all retailers, the Fresh Relevance digital marketing hub can provide the tools to revolutionize your festive marketing campaigns with dynamic and personalized real-time email and website engagement. Read our Holiday eBook to see if you have all of the boxes ticked on our holiday checklist. Check out a few examples of how you can revolutionize your holiday email and web marketing with Fresh Relevance features and tools such as Browse and Cart Abandon Emails, Countdown Timers or customized Product Recommendations. Finally, read one of our case studies to see how used our features on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can be the next happy retailer!



Download our eBook for more information and let others join the revolution by forwarding it!

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