Automatic Daily or Weekly Emails

Daily Deals companies have built billion-dollar businesses out of daily emails

And increasing numbers of retailers use automation to automate their regular emailings - increasing contact frequency and relevance.

It's not rocket science. If you regularly email customers with details of products that are likely to interest them, then some of those customers will buy. It's simple, maintains engagement, and has great ROI.

But there's a problem - manually editing product emails is a lot of boring, repetitive work. We all know we should be doing it, but most of us never quite get around to it, or we let it lapse whenever something more "important" comes along.

Fresh Relevance does everything

No more donkey work. Just like with cart and browse abandonment emails, you set them up once, then sit back and watch the extra sales roll in.

The road to Black Friday starts the Christmas sales period - make it your trigger to setup automated daily or weekly emails and increase those sales.

Not just Trending Products but Relevant Trending Products

Take your standard email template and replace most of the body copy by product recommendation(s): for example a 3x3 grid.

The simplest operation is to choose trending products (those popular right now), configured to return twice as many as you need, then shuffled to randomize them a bit.

And here's the clever part: you can filter the products to use product categories previously viewed by each shopper - so they see recommendations matching their personal taste.

Then use your ESP to send this email to your customer list as frequently as you want. It will always show relevant products that are popular when the email is opened.

We can Set It Up for you

We know you're busy right now, so Fresh Relevance can have this program up and running for you in hours, irrespective of what Email Marketing platform you use. Contact us now to discuss how easy it is to get this implemented for you and also how it can be tailored for your specific business.



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10/28/2015 Product Info