Cart Abandonment using Custom Channels

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – Fresh Relevance, the real-time marketing company, today announces the launch of FTP ESP - a technology that marketers can use to send real-time, triggered messages such as cart abandonmentbrowse abandonment and onboarding sequences via custom channels. 

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin states: “With FTP ESP, marketers have many more technological options for triggered actions. They can send a real-time email from their in-house ESP, or alert their call centre, or tweet a private message, or trigger a robo-dialler. The possibilities are endless."

How it Works

Instead of sending a triggered email like a normal ESP (Email Service Provider), FTP ESP loads a small CSV file via FTP (File Transfer Protocol: either SFTP or FTPS) onto your FTP Server, containing the same information as would be used to send that email (email address, mapped fields etc).

You integrate by writing a simple program to scan for these files, read the contents, and trigger a corresponding action in whatever custom technology you use.

This has already been deployed by some of our clients.

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Real-Time Email Marketing over FTP

02/03/2016 Product Info