Cart Rebuild for Magento 1 and 2

Cart Rebuild for Magento 1 and 2

With 70% of consumers abandoning their cart before completing their purchase, cart recovery is great for catching any almost-lost sales. When shoppers abandon their cart, read the recovery email, and click-through, their cart is automatically refilled, making you more likely to keep the sale.


Multi-Device Cart Rebuild

Many eCommerce websites use cart recovery for a single device, so when a shopper clicks-through using the same device they abandoned their cart on, the cart is rebuilt. But Fresh Relevance goes a step further, by offering Cart Rebuild for multi-device shoppers. Meaning that a shopper could abandon their cart using one device, and open the recovery email and click-through using another, and Fresh Relevance will still automatically refill their cart.




Cart Rebuild for multi-device shoppers helps you to secure sales by optimizing your website’s usability, making it easier for shoppers to go back and make a purchase they’ve recently abandoned.

Fresh Relevance supports Cart Rebuild for Magento 1 and 2, and several other eCommerce systems, so that we can help you to improve your sales uplift.

Automatic Cart Rebuild for Multi-Device Shoppers

Suppose a shopper reads their cart recovery email on a different device to the one they were using when they abandoned the cart and clicks through to your site. Because it’s a different device than before, with different cookies, your eCommerce system probably starts a new session with an empty shopping cart.

WITHOUT CART REBUILD: the shopper who viewed products on your website using a mobile device has to refill their cart.

WITH CART REBUILD: Fresh Relevance automatically refills their cart, making the customer journey simpler, quicker, and more convenient, so that you are more likely to achieve the sale.




Custom Cart and Form Rebuild

Sectors such as travel and finance don’t tend to have a traditional cart, abandonment is more alike to a form abandonment. Fresh Relevance can provide custom Cart Rebuild for these sectors, too. For example, “complete your booking” in the example below will reselect the exact holiday that had previously been abandoned by a shopper.




Contact Fresh Relevance to check whether your eCommerce system is supported.

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