Cart Rebuild for Magento Etc.

Cart Rebuild is great for multi-device shoppers. When a shopper abandons on one device, then uses a different one to read the recovery email and click-through, Fresh Relevance automatically refills their cart, so you are more likely to keep the sale.

Fresh Relevance supports Cart Rebuild for all versions of Magento, and several other ecommerce systems, because it improves your sales uplift.


Automatic cart rebuild for multi-device shoppers

  1. A lot of your shoppers use multiple devices. Suppose one of these abandons their cart.
  2. After your chosen delay they get sent a cart abandon email, with a copy of their shopping cart contents and a link back to their cart on your site.
  3. The shopper reads the email on a different device to the one they were using earlier, and clicks through to your site.
  4. Because it's a different device than before, with different cookies, your ecommerce system probably starts a new session with an empty shopping cart.
  5. WITHOUT CART REBUILD, the shopper has to refill their cart. They know what products they chose, because these were shown in the cart abandonment email, but this pushes them the wrong way in the sales funnel, so maybe they start over with a competitor.
  6. WITH CART REBUILD, Fresh Relevance automatically refills their cart, so you are more likely to keep the sale. 

Contact Fresh Relevance to check whether your ecommerce system is supported.

Custom Cart and Form Rebuild too

Sectors such as Travel, Holidays and Financial don't have a traditional cart, but are basically form abandonment. We can provide custom cart rebuild for them too. For example "complete your booking" in the example above reselects the exact holiday.

Updated in January 2016

Enhancements to Magento Digital Data Layer Extension Version 5

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07/09/2015 Product Info