has achieved an astonishing 957% ROI


"We have achieved a 957% Return on Investment. Or, to put it another way every £1 invested with Fresh Relevance has returned £9.57." - Nick Smith, Marketing Director at


From its head-office in Earby, Lancashire, offers over 15,000 privately-owned properties located throughout the UK, Ireland, France and Italy.

Fresh Relevance and worked together to introduce a browse and cart abandonment strategy. When someone who has registered their details with in the past visits the site but does not make a booking, the company is able to ensure that they receive an email in their inbox within one hour of leaving the site.


Working with Fresh Relevance has delivered many benefits for the company and its customers as Smith explains: "Receiving a timely email letting them know it is still available is really useful, as they can simply click on the link without having to complete the search all over again."


When Cottages4You rebranded as around Christmas 2015/16 , the Fresh Relevance team updated our script for the new site and it continues to bring in extra sales. are now using more advanced features of Fresh Relevance. Read their second case study.

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