Fresh Relevance transforms how Euroffice engage digitally


London-based Euroffice was first introduced to Fresh Relevance in early 2014 when the company replaced its self-built cart abandonment system. “We were using a day-after trigger which wasn’t delivering the returns we knew we were capable of,” comments Group Email Marketing Manager at Euroffice, Matthew Martinez. “By implementing Fresh Relevance our revenues from cart abandonment skyrocketed and we achieved in two months what it would previously take seven to do.”  


With such a strong return on investment, the team successfully implemented the solution across its other businesses including Euroffice’s Italian operations. 

In fact, so impressed was Euroffice with the impact that Fresh Relevance had made on the business, the team decided to implement its portfolio of email and website personalisation features. Martinez explains: “Fresh Relevance has enabled us to strengthen our engagement, by providing customers with real-time relevant information about all of the products and offers most pertinent to them.” 


Today, Euroffice is using Fresh Relevance’s range of Smart Blocks including countdown timers to create urgency around special promotions and sales, real-time product recommendations in emails, as well as Twitter feed integration (@euroffice) and Web Crop (the ability to display a section of the website within an email saves time and money) in its emails. “It was all so quick to integrate and is very easy for us to manage,” adds Martinez.

Martinez concludes: “We need to differentiate ourselves in the market and we use these tools and techniques to their fullest potential to keep ahead of the competition. We have been on a real journey of education with Fresh Relevance. They have transformed how we engage digitally with our customers and we can’t wait to see what innovations they will bring to us next.”


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12/21/2015 Case Studies