Herring Shoes Achieves its Highest Sales Conversion Rates with Fresh Relevance

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Herring Shoes is a family business which was started in 1966 and today supplies top quality footwear from English manufacturers such as Herring, Barker, Church’s, Cheaney & Loake. In 2016, the company began working with Fresh Relevance and has achieved impressive sales uplifts across its email campaigns and retail website. 


Today, Herring Shoes is benefiting from Fresh Relevance’s hub of real-time marketing solutions, to drive its Cart Abandonment Email strategy, increase competition entries and mailing list subscribers, present visitors with recently browsed Product Recommendations and has also introduced Countdown Timers for its annual reminder emails.


Web Developer at Herring Shoes Ltd, Gareth Dart, explains: “Since April 2016, our cart abandonment emails have been consistently in our top five campaigns and boast the highest conversion rate of any of them, with an impressive 8.3% that translates to an average of 60 orders each month”.

Moreover, for 2017 they included the Fresh Relevance Countdown Timer SmartBlock into their yearly reminder email campaign. In 2016 the same campaign netted the company 106 orders, whilst in 2017 with the Countdown Timer, it returned 129 orders from fewer emails.

We achieved a conversion rate of 5% (compared to previous year's 3.7%), which is much higher than our average” notes Dart.

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03/09/2017 Case Studies