Manillo increased sales by 8.6% using Fresh Relevance cart abandonment emails


“Fresh Relevance has exceptional customer service, combined with a very high-quality technical support team. They are always fast to respond and eager to work closely with us to innovate the way we do online retailing,” says Frederik Boysen, Director of

Solution is a daily deal website selling a wide range of consumer products to customers in Denmark. The site is ranked number one in its sector by Trustpilot and attracts high volumes of traffic each month.

In addition to cart abandonment, Fresh Relevance has also improved the quality of the high volume email newsletters the company sends to its customers, by using dynamic real-time content. “In the past if a customer opened a newsletter after a deal had expired they would be very disappointed,” explains Boysen. Today, whenever the customer opens an email they will only ever be presented with deals that are available at that moment. He adds: “We are able to ensure that our customers never receive a message from us regarding an expired deal.”


Fresh Relevance has been successfully working with the team at for over 1 year and together they are achieving very impressive results with a 6.7% recovery rate, representing a sales uplift of 8.6%.

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07/20/2015 Case Studies