Orlebar Brown achieves a 6.59% sales uplift with the use of Fresh Relevance’s Product Recommendations


Orlebar Brown is a London-based fashion retailer that launched in 2007 to provide a more tailored approach to men’s beach and swim shorts. Today, the range includes clothing and accessories for both men and children. Since opening its first store in Notting Hill, Orlebar Brown can now be found all over Central London, as well as pop up stores around the world, and of course, its thriving website.


Orlebar Brown was already using Fresh Relevance to send automated trigger messages to every customer abandoning a shopping cart without completing the transaction.

Together with Fresh Relevance, the team identified an exciting opportunity to take this program to the next level, through the introduction of the innovative new product recommendation functionality, recently added to the Fresh Relevance software platform.


Now, every visitor that leaves the website without checking out receives a highly personalised message. Crucially, not only does it include images and information about the items they placed in their shopping cart (along with a direct link to the checkout), but also other products that they viewed during their visit, based upon the frequency of which they viewed them.  

“Since the addition of product recommendations, we have achieved a healthy sales uplift of 6.59%.” Comments Amit Raj, CRM and Email Executive at Orlebar Brown.

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08/30/2016 Case Studies