Wasserstrom experienced a 5% sales uplift within their first 90 days


"Enabled my team to really push the boundaries of our email marketing strategies without compromising quality or budgets.”
- Dale Edman, Vice President of eCommerce and Online Marketing, Wasserstrom


The Wasserstrom Company carries one of the most diverse and comprehensive product lines in the foodservice industry, offering everything from tabletop items, to catering supplies and maintenance tools.

Fresh Relevance uses the latest database architecture, processing web behavior and eCommerce data in real time, at a lower than ever price point, and with great ease-of-use. Using the clients existing email and eCommerce platforms, it drives conversions on client websites with highly targeted, relevant, real-time content.


The Wasserstrom Company achieved a 5% sales uplift within a 90 days time period.


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08/01/2013 Case Studies