7dayshop cites the conversion rate from its personalized homepage as more than 200% that of other pages


7dayshop was founded in 1997 and has become an established online retailer of photography, digital and computer products for over a million customers. As well as its wide range of products from top brands, good value and enviable customer recommendation scores, key to the continued success of this Guernsey-based company is its ability to attract new visitors to the website, encouraging existing customers to return again and to converting browsers in to buyers.


Established online seller of photography, digital and computer products.

Solutions Used

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The 7dayshop team works closely with Fresh Relevance’s expert Professional Services team and their work together is evident from the homepage. The homepage dynamically displays products in sections entitled ‘You may be interested in’, ‘Other people are looking at’, ‘Our customers often buy’ and ‘New products’.

Sam du Feu from the IT and Marketing team at 7dayshop, explains: “Whether it is a returning customer that is logged in or a new visitor, they are presented with a constantly changing range of products that are most likely to suit them, based on their personal preferences, or the very latest crowd-sourced information.”

This personalization is carried through in the website navigation, whereby each product range is accompanied by a drop down list of product types accompanied by ‘Recommended for you’ and ‘Best sellers’ options.

“We are making it easy for our customers to find what they want and giving them information and advice to help them make a more informed purchasing decision. It has been a really successful initiative,” comments Sam du Feu. In fact, 7dayshop cites the conversion rate from its homepage as being more than double the overall website average.

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With dynamic content proving so successful on the website, Fresh Relevance is working together with 7dayshop to plan the introduction of its new range of real-time email content features that include Countdown Timers (already used on the homepage to build anticipation for an upcoming sale), Twitter feed integration and Web Crop.

Sam du Feu explains: “We are already using Fresh Relevance for our cart abandonment email strategy and with great results. So, we are all very excited about introducing dynamic content in the very near future, for all of our targeted email correspondence with customers.”

The use of email in this way marks a step change in the way eCommerce organizations such as 7dayshop interact with their customers, as Sam du Feu adds: “Instead of seeing what we thought would be relevant to a particular customer at the moment in time we send the email, they will be presented with real-time relevant content regarding products that are trending at the specific moment they open the message.”

Sam du Feu concludes: “The Fresh Relevance team is very much an integral part of the 7dayshop team. In partnership we share our ideas and whenever we need their expert help we can rely on them to have the right answers to whatever questions and challenges we pose them, whether it is a simple piece of advice, or doing some bespoke development work for our Black Friday plans.”