10 000 new subscribers in the first month: Feel Good Contacts has an eye for data capture


Feel Good Contacts was initially looking for a solution to recover revenue with personalized triggered emails. Adestra, the company’s Email Service Provider, recommended Fresh Relevance - and the relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. Building on positive results from cart abandonment emails, the contact lens supplier is working on enhancing its data capture strategy to generate more engaged subscribers.


Feel Good Contacts is serving targeted data capture popovers to visitors based on their customer profile and lifecycle stage. As Louisa Brooks, Email Marketing Manager at Feel Good Contacts, explains: “We’re not just using popovers for data capture, we’re also showing the best deals possible to each type of customer we have.”


The UK’s leading contact lens retailer. Focused on providing high-quality contact lenses and eye care products online at affordable prices. 

Solutions Used

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For example, new customers are presented with a popover offering 10% off their first purchase, while returning customers are shown a message promoting the company’s mobile app. Students are encouraged to use the company’s student discount.

The Feel Good Contacts team was keen to make sure that data capture would not interrupt the customer journey. The overlay sits at the bottom of the window as shoppers move through the website, with the sign-up box remaining hidden until a visitor chooses to expand the popover. 

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The company also uses popovers to recover abandoned carts. When a customer is about to leave the website with unpurchased items in their basket, an overlay is triggered offering to send them an email reminder of their cart. 

“The abandoned basket popover has done especially well,” says Louisa. “Of the people who see it, one third sign up. So we’ve acquired those customers who might have gone on to shop elsewhere.”

The introduction of targeted popovers generated more than 10,000 additional registrations in the first month alone, representing a 333% increase in sign-ups month-over-month.

Crucially, these sign-ups are translating into sales. “There’s been very promising growth in the number of customers who go from signing up for an account to becoming a new customer,” explains Brooks. “We can see that these new email subscribers are going on to place an order.” 

Implementation was made easier by support from Fresh Relevance’s dedicated client services team: “We’re happy with Fresh Relevance because the support is so good. If you need help, you hear back very quickly. It sets a standard for everyone else.”

Data capture has been such a hit that the company is now introducing popovers to its Irish website.

Future plans

Building on this success, Feel Good Contacts plans to introduce more sophisticated triggered emails such as browse abandonment for certain product categories. The company also intends to optimize emails with personalized content, including product recommendations.