Getting Personal sees sales uplifts with dynamic name personalization and triggered emails

Getting Personal wanted to highlight their specialist personalized products in their marketing through the use of personalization. 

After looking at a couple of personalization platforms, the company chose Fresh Relevance.


Getting Personal is a UK-based online retailer of unique and personalized gifts.

Solutions Used

37% Sales uplift with dynamic name personalization in emails
15% Increase in click-through rate with dynamic name personalization in emails
54% Sales uplift with multi-stage browse abandonment program
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Dynamic name personalization

The Getting Personal team were keen to take the images of their personalized products to the next level with dynamic name personalization in their marketing emails, overlaying the customer's name on top of their product images. 

The team tested the effects of dynamic name personalization on their emails with a series of A/B tests. "With dynamic name personalization, our click-through rates increased by 15%, our conversion rates increased by 7% and we saw a 37% sales uplift," says Georgina Harding, CRM Manager.

"We had tried to implement name personalization before through our own system but the results we’ve seen with Fresh Relevance are much better," continues Georgina.

Getting Personal Personalized Banner Image with Name
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Cart and browse abandonment emails

The Getting Personal team recently boosted the converting power of their browse abandonment emails by adding an extra stage to the email program. "Our multi-stage browse abandonment program is working really well. We set it up 10 months ago and we’ve already seen a 54% sales uplift compared to our single browse abandonment emails," says Georgina.

"It's really easy to implement any changes to the campaigns, such as changing the content for major events like Black Friday," explains Georgina.

The team have also been making use of product recommendations in their cart abandonment emails, using Fresh Relevance's filtering functionality to display products above a certain price. 

"Fresh Relevance makes my job a lot easier," says Georgina. "Instead of picking products that we think might work well, we know that with Fresh Relevance the product recommendations are being targeted to the customer."

Future plans

Since proving the effectiveness of Fresh Relevance’s functionality with email marketing A/B tests, Getting Personal are keen to make use of Fresh Relevance throughout the rest of the customer journey.

"If you're looking for a more personalized approach in how you target customers, definitely consider Fresh Relevance. It doesn't take long to set up and you can definitely see the results. It's a win win!" says Georgina.