Unwins and Marshalls report conversions of 15% and 17.5% with Fresh Relevance web personalization


Unwins and Marshalls are two of the most recognized and trusted brands for amateur gardeners in the UK. Each has a thriving website, that not only sell seeds, garden accessories, shrubs, and fruit and vegetable plants and, but also provides education and expertise to help growers get the most from their gardens.


Two of the most recognised and trusted brands for amateur gardeners in the UK, selling seeds, shrubs, plants and garden accessories.

15% Web Conversion Rate for Unwins
17.5% Web Conversion Rate for Marshalls
£31500 Assisted Conversions Across Both Sites
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In late December 2016, both brands went live with website personalization from Fresh Relevance and already impressive sales figures are being reported. Digital Marketing Manager, Paul Nicolson, explains: “We have achieved £31.5k in assisted conversions, across both sites, in the three months since we have been working with Fresh Relevance. Unwins is currently converting at an impressive 15% and Marshalls at 17.5%.”

These additional revenues are a result of creating personalized web navigation menus. Fresh Relevance automatically pulls relevant product information (a product image and description) from the website and presents it to the visitor in its ‘At a Glance’ recommendations column. These products are based on what the customer has previously browsed and purchased, as well as crowd-sourced information, such as the most popular products at the time.

As well as the website operations, Fresh Relevance is also assisting Unwins and Marshalls to add dynamic content to customer emails. These campaigns run throughout the year, promoting seasonal products along with advice about the right time to buy, plant and grow certain plants. Nicolson adds: “At the foot of each email we now present the customer with several personalized product recommendations, and this alone has generated an additional uplift of £7k for our Marshalls brand.”

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The success of the project has led Unwin and Marshalls to look at how Fresh Relevance can get further entrenched within its eCommerce operations, with the next step being enhancing its current cart and browse abandonment triggers.